I just deleted my Twitter account.
Twitter had become a time suck that had little- if any- benefit to my life at the moment. (although– knowing what y’all are doing throughout your day was damn fun to read. See: TIMESUCK!)
Things continue to crumble around us and I need to keep my focus on taking care of my family and keeping myself positive at all times. So, Twitter had to go.
(For now.)
(Because I already kind of miss it.)
(Except, not really.)

33 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. Walking With Scissors

    In a pathetic, self-absorbed sort of way, I’m just glad that you deleted the whole thing instead of just un-following me! I’m shallow like that.
    I will miss you on there! I’m not very active but I enjoyed reading your tweets.

  2. Y

    Ha! ha! Totally better that I deleted the whole thing instead of singling people out to unfollow. So funny.
    I figure everyone is too busy twittering to even notice. HA HA!! Silly twitter.

  3. Liz

    I did that once. And oh how liberated I felt! Then I joined again (for work reasons) and played with it obsessively for all of three days. Now, I check it MAYBE once a day to see what’s going on, but that’s it.
    Anyway, enough about me. I’m glad you did it. Priorities. You haz dem.

  4. Kyla

    It seems like just hours ago your little cheeseburger-hatted head was popping up in my tweets. Oh wait. It probably was just hours ago. 😉
    You’ll be missed, but it is understandable. How’s your Grandpa?

  5. Maria

    I’ll keep you positive. From now on – long ass emails full of happy quotes every morning. Or dirty jokes. Or links to funny youtube videos. Or FAIL pictures.
    I’m serious. If you don’t want them you’d better let me know now. I’m gonna be spamming you at 7am religiously for the rest of your life if you don’t speak now. 😛

  6. Nina

    I can never bring myself to delete things because I’m weird like that, but I must have checked twitter 1834829812093 times a day for a long time. Then I got a part time job. And by just working those 20ish hours per week, I fall so far behind on twitter and blogs (and everything else online…except MySpace…I’m completely and totally addicted to that) that I feel like I’ll never catch up. (These days I just check it to see what everyone did while I was working or sleeping.) I imagine if I worked full time I’d never turn on the computer. haha
    I’ll miss seeing your little mcdonald’s bag hat picture when I actually check twitter.

  7. catnip

    Uh, yeah, people already noticed you’re gone! Sorry to see you leave it, but I understand. I find myself there less and less lately. It’s fun, but I barely have time to do my dishes much less hang out on twitter. I don’t think I could go so far as delete my whole account though!

  8. Wendy

    Damn! I just got it and started following you. Oh well, you’re right, you probably should be focusing on your family right about now. Just be sure to let us know when things are good enough for you to have your time sucked away again (and it will happen soon, I’m sure of it!)

  9. margalit

    Hey! I quit twitter a while back and I’m MUCH happier without it. I do a little bit of plurking, but with Plurk you spend 15 minutes and then leave. It’s much easier to deal with and follow than twitter.
    Also, are you working? Email me if you’re looking for work at home. I actually have a real live lead on a real not scam work at home job.

  10. kimblahg

    whew- i read that at first like you deleted your flickr acct instead of twitter and i was going to be very sad because i lurve your photos.

  11. CP

    I’m totally bummed that I won’t get to see your Tweets and laugh during the day. But I totally understand the need to step away from it. I use the words “Time Sucker” when describing Twitter to those unfamiliar. I’ve taken to having it off while at work because I found I too was spending way too much time on it.
    Please let us all know if you do rejoin because you know there will be a mass stampeded to follow you again!

  12. Heather B.

    Yes, I totally noticed that you were gone and yes, it did make me sad but I understand. I on the other hand will probably not be deleting anytime soon. I dunno, I find it so useful especially when I’m out at big events and conferences and the like. Whatevs. Enjoy your time to focus on what’s important right now. That’s what really matters.

  13. karla

    Oh Y. I can so relate. And truthfully, sometimes I kind of feel like those short little sentences take away focus from where my true passion is – writing. You know. In real, honest to goodness full sentences.
    Thinking of you and your family.

  14. Willow

    Good for you. I get tempted every now and then to join twitter – but then I would have to stop following so many blogs! Hope your life eases soon.

  15. norm

    You know, I did that too (deleted my twitter acc’t). I just didn’t like to communicate in that mode. It’s a little weird when all your friends get into this new thing and you don’t, but it doesn’t really change everything. Best wishes to you and your family.

  16. GraceD

    Wha’? No! Sheet…
    Y’know Y, if this has anything to do with you not following Twitter “etiquette” and being unfollowed because you’re really an anarchist at heart, then, in my perfect world, I would decree that certain heads mjust roll.
    But, as this is not my perfect world, all I can do is weep quietly in a corner, bemoaning the loss of your Tweets then angrily breaking the stoopit “etiquette” rules in your honor.

  17. Vanessa

    It will always be there for you if you ever decide to go back. I know you are going through a rought time right now and wish you the best of luck.

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