Get it? Because I’m “addicted?”

I belong to a Flickr group called “Bokeh Wednesday.”
Every Wednesday, we can post up to 2 photos with bokeh to the group pool to show off our best bokeh shots from the week.
What is bokeh? (From Wikipedia) Bokeh is a photographic term referring to the appearance of out-of-focus areas in an image produced by a camera lens using a shallow depth of field.[1] Different lens bokeh produces different aesthetic qualities in out-of-focus backgrounds, which are often used to reduce distractions and emphasize the primary subject.
Here is an example of a photo with Bokeh–

The blurry backgroud with all the preeeeetty cirles? That’s bokeh
I’ll admit that I freak the eff out every Wednesday because I love posting my bokeh shots and going through the group pool to see what everyone else came up with. Every Wednesday when PigHunter comes home I’m all “OH MY GOD LOOK AT MY SUBMISSION TO BOKEH WEDNESDAY!!!111!” and he’s all rolling his eyes and pretends to be interested in A FLICKR GROUP because he knows how much I love it and how happy it makes me. And I know how stupid that sounds, but we all have those little things in our life that we geek out about that are kind of lame to everyone else, right?
Most of the pictures that I post there don’t get much attention (i.e. make it to explore or get lots of comments) because the quality of my pictures don’t even begin to compare to those posted in that group.
(No, you’re not imaging it. I really just typed that sentence and I really am writing an entire post about a group on Flickr.)
But yesterday, I posted a shot that made it to the front page of explore. That is like, THE ULTIMATE for a Flickr dork like me. (a Flork?) And so, I had to post it here. No, really…I HAD TO.
Front page!
Because all the cool kids on Flickr do Scrabble shots
Maybe if I were this excited about, let’s say, decorating my house, I wouldn’t have to call Lena and ask her to help me “make my house pretty for under $200 for my party on Saturday.”

77 thoughts on “Get it? Because I’m “addicted?”

  1. eko

    You are obsessed (or is it obssesed?) – get some help! 😉 Love this, and HOPE you give instructions as how to do it, but then maybe it is not possible with a point and shoot 🙁

  2. Jen - Queen of Poo

    THAT is an awesome shot! No wonder it made it to the front page. It almost makes me want to take up photography, but I know I’d need a new camera and all that. Your photos are great. 🙂

  3. Andrea

    I refrain from posting a lot these days because most of what I had to say would revolve around Flickr somehow!
    This is an awesome shot. Not sure why I didn’t leave this comment on Flickr. 🙂
    I completely geek the fuck out any time I get a Front Page. Completely!

  4. Lindy

    Oooh that was you?!??!
    OK so how did you get on Explore!! I’m also also afflicted with Flickeritis! I love BW it’s my favorite Flickr day of the week. Oooh wait I also love Nifty Fifty Fridays!!

  5. san

    Uh, that is so cool. I need to practice my bokeh-capabilities and then I’ll come and join your group 🙂
    I LOVE flickr!

  6. Nina

    I would be SOOOO excited if a picture of mine went to explore. I guess I’m a flork, too. (I paid for a pro account on there just so I could have the little pro badge…no other reason. LOL)
    Of course it’d help if I actually took pictures and/or uploaded them, but that’s neither here nor there. haha

  7. Linda

    Congrats! All of you pics are awesome! I have a question though.. do they let you know when one of your pics make it to Explore? I have some pics on there and I have no idea if any of them have made it to Explore.

  8. Chelle

    You take awesome photos! Congrats on your front page. I’d be thrilled too! 🙂 I’m still waiting patiently for you to give us some tutorials…for dummies like me.

  9. christina

    Y I totally get it! You rocked flicker with your Bokeh skillz! May I offer a sincere and heartfelt congrats. That is prob the equivalent of me getting to meet Dog the bounty hunter.

  10. Mom on the Run

    I’m glad you found a place to “hang” out with like minded people. As I get older I really want to spend my time with people I enjoy, rather than hanging with people that I only endure.

  11. Bunny

    Congrats on Explore! I totally Flork out about Flickr too. My husband yesterday was all, “hey I found this thing on Flickr where they put all these great pictures from each day-” and I cut him off and gave a ten minute lecture on Explore. Your bokeh is awesome! And that starbucks one is very, very cool.

  12. Bunny

    Grrr, Y. Bokeh Wednesday isn’t accepting any new members! I’ve watched this group through Shutter Sisters and I really wanted to join the cool kids with their “HBW” and all.

  13. CC

    Wow, this is a fantastic shot – really creative!
    I’ve printed it out and stuck it on my desk b/c I am on a 3 Grande Latte’s per day diet.

  14. Sherry

    I love your bokeh as I love learning new words and this one was so good! With the hooked word and the Starbucks cup and the whole pic all bokehed up! So creative! Hey what I’m even more excited about (not that bokeh didn’t excite the crap out of me) is that LENA is back! I haven’t looked at her blog in months because I knew she had stopped there for awhile so after reading your blog I clicked on Lena and what a delightful surprise. So now I’m doubly happy today because I learned a new word and I found Lena! Thanks Y!!!!!

  15. Sarah Joy

    Can you do a tutorial on how to take shots like that?? I love looking at them – but have no idea how to go about taking a photo like that. Help please!

  16. Melissa

    AWESOME, Y!!!
    Yep, Bokeh is AWESOMENESS and so is being on Explorer! I’ve had 4 on there, I think! They didn’t last long, but hey, who cares! They made it!!! LOL

  17. Sheri Bheri

    Have you heard of Scout (via Big Huge Labs)? You can put your Flickr user name in there and it will show you the rank of all of your photos in Explore. And also, if you haven’t played around with Big Huge Labs, you are TOTALLY missing out.

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