It’s That Time Again

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Christmas photos!
Every year I’m all “This is the LAST TIME I TAKE THEIR CHRISTMAS PICTURES!” And then the next year rolls around and I’m like “this time will be different! They will cooperate and I will have the most kick ass picture in Christmas picture history!”
And every year, this happens.
Picture or Video 7553
Picture or Video 7429
Picture or Video 7583
(That one makes me laugh the most, because halfway through the “session” The Teenager started DOING PUSHUPS! For ABSOLUTELY NO REASON! Except TO MAKE MY HEAD EXPLODE!)
Picture or Video 7569
Picture or Video 7584
I took over 100 (!!) that’s just a sample of the awesome-ness. I did manage to get 3 that I like, but I don’t know if I like them enough to send them out. Perhaps I’ll just use one of those and caption it “Because there is no such thing as The Perfect Christmas Card Photo. Merry Christmas!”

I’m so clever. I know.

69 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again

  1. Lar

    I think the one with her foot in their faces needs to go on your Christmas card! That’s a great capture of a little sister moment.

  2. Jenn @

    I’m so glad that you haven’t given up posting. I was getting worried. I’m usually a lurker and hardly ever comment, but I look forward to your posts. To heck with the haters. The ones that love your blog FAR, FAR outnumber them.
    I like your idea of sending out of of those pictures and the caption. I might try that next year 🙂

  3. Cheryl

    I like all the photos. Your kids are beautiful. I was kind of getting worried about you. I thought “people” had scared you off. I’m glad to hear that’s not the case. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

  4. Lisa

    I am SO GLAD to see you posting again! I have to agree and say that I was worried I’d never get to read on here again. I know…I’m way too dramatic.
    Anyways…glad to see you back and I love the picture of her standing up between the boys and shreiking/praising/doing a rain dance/etc. You can see the “oh my god can you believe we’re related to her” looks on the boys’ faces.

  5. dizzymum

    Great pics. So much better (and funnier) than those staid set-up ones. I like the foot one the best too. I also have trouble getting the perfect Christmas photo. My son is going through a stage where he hates photos and runs off/puts hand up celebrity-style at the last minute, and my daughter is doing the face-pulling at the last minute. Hopeless! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely familyX

  6. helen

    Number 3 and 5 are AWESOME I love them! I would take pictures but my tree has already been knocked over twice, is now held in place with a plank of wood and branches held up with cotton, put my kids in front of that and I would have to weep…I can’t remember when I last managed to get a good picture of all my kids together, the last time I tried ( 2 weeks ago) the 2nd one ( who is 21 I must add!) dropped his pants and mooned the camera, that made the other 5 lose it…I gave in!

  7. Cindy

    I was beginning to think you took the bs seriously and stopped blogging! I’m glad you are back because your blog is by far one of my favorites!

  8. deb from ny

    Love the pictures. I have been here everyday and wondering where you were. I am glad you decided to continue to blog. Please don’t go away.
    Happy Holidays

  9. Old Fart Grandma

    So glad to see you back. I have been reading ‘forever’ and can’t get over how grown up the kids look. Beautiful family Y. Love You!

  10. Krisha

    I just want to say that I love the pictures. It’s just keeping it real! You have a beautiful family!

  11. Krisha

    I love the pictures. It’s just keeping it real! You have a beautiful family! Hope you have a Merry Christmas, from a faithful reader in Texas

  12. Karla

    I’m so glad you posted something. I’ve been checking your page regularly wondering if something had happened. I like your x-mas pics and I think your caption would go great with the last picture.

  13. Beth Nixon

    This just made me laugh!
    I took over 100 pictures.
    Then gave up. Our card is the outtakes. And I wrote something about taking 100 pictures and realizing they were all bad and decided to just wish everyone a happy holiday!!
    Glad to see you about!

  14. Deb

    Sorry I have been MIa lately but my blog is back now! I think the candids are the best! I have a few posted over on my site! Hope to talk to you more!

  15. gabrielle

    Yay! You’re back! We missed you 🙂
    Your kids are adorable! I love the one where your daughter has her hands on your sons’ heads, like ‘yeah, i know i’m the boss’. Too cute!
    Can’t wait to hear more from you in the coming weeks. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

  16. Louise

    I am so glad you’ve posted! I’m not a big emailer because I think “she will think ‘who is this emailing me?” but comments? Yes! Yay for you being back, and lordy… Ethan’s “pissed off” face is awesome. If I was his little sister I’d have The Fear.

  17. Leigh

    I hope you do continue posting, Y – I check daily, hoping for another delicious slice of your blog, and love to see the updates!! Don’t let the internet turds slow you down.
    I also love the foot photo – I would totally use it.
    Love your blog and you, sister.

  18. jessica

    i think that those pics are so much more fun than the “perfect photo”! It shows that they are KIDS. use them all!

  19. Kay

    Your boys are sure getting big and handsome! And that G! Her dimples and hair just never cease! What a dollbaby!
    Well I think they all capture their personalities! Years from now they will all be your favorites!
    Good to “see” you too!

  20. Taryn

    Yay, you’re back!
    I think these are so much better than the typical, staged photos. They’ll be more fun to look at in your Christmases future.

  21. Jackie

    LOL I am still cracking up over the push ups!
    As you know, one day you’ll look back and every one of those photos will be a masterpiece. Mine are still little and I still get all sappy when I see the pics from the year prior.
    PS I MUST own your camera. Do you have a post with all the details on it? I know I saw it somewhere before.

  22. Becca

    Love the Christmas pics! I think they are very refreshing and honest compared to the all soft focus lens Olan Mills-esque family portraits showing up in my mailbox this week. Have a wonderful holiday and please remember, for every internet troll that posts a stupid comment about you there are probably a thousand more readers who love your writing and want more!

  23. Nancy P

    I agree that #3 or 5 would be perfect. Usually the so called “perfect” pictures are boring anyway.
    And I will throw in my two cents and say Welcome Back! I am one of those lurkers and twitter followers of yours. 🙂

  24. JesseeezMom

    All is good in my world, Y made a post!
    You have been missed, but totally understand there’s so much to do and so little time! Your pictures are wonderful as always! You have a beautiful family!
    Merry Christmas!

  25. Christie

    These pics are great, especially the one with her hands on their heads, and her raising her leg…it totally looks like she’s ripping one for them as payback…so adorable!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  26. AA

    So glad you are back. I was worried. Does that make me sound wierd? Now I can stop obsessively clicking on your url to see if you have posted. Okay, I know that makes me sound weird.

  27. Beverly

    I like number 3 the best…and you’ve inspired me to make everyone sit under the Christmas tree one more year for a picture!
    And I miss your stories. Please continue writing and sharing!

  28. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    That is the beauty of digital photography. My general ration is 70 pictures of the kids will yield me one good one.
    I would imagine your chances are even smaller with three kids. I say 3 good ones out of 100 is pretty good.
    Happy holidays!

  29. Juju

    Wow! Seeing these pics has just let me know that I must have been reading your blog for just over a year now cos I can remember you saying much the same thing 12 months ago LOL They may not be ‘perfect’ in the usual sense, but they are priceless nonetheless. So very glad to hear you are all doing well. Have a wonderful holiday season and I shall look forward to reading more from you in the new year.

  30. Katie

    Yay, I’m glad you posted!
    I love her foot in their faces too, the hands on top of their heads makes it so perfect. And I hate to be a broken record but your children are adorable! Merry Christmas and all that jazz.

  31. Linda

    I am so glad you are back. I kept checking everyday to see if you were back.
    I hape you and your family have a very Merry Christmas..

  32. Tracy

    Hey Y,
    Glad to see you on here again. I am sorry that the a-holes in the cyber world have you somewhat riled still. I get the same way.
    Anyway, I absolutely think you should use the first one, with the little caption marks. I think it’s hysterical and would make a lot of people smile when they received it!
    Merry Holidays and a Blessed Christmas!

  33. Bitsy

    Lurker coming out from under the tree to say awww Y! Hoooray! You touch people in ways you cant even imagine..( Good touch not the bad kind :P). There are so many of us that rejoice when good things happen to you and yours, who cry with you when sad things occur and who crave your boisterous, rowdy, raunchy take on life more than we crave cheesecake and Starbucks…
    Thanks for sharing your life with us Y. You are beautiful inside and out and your family is a direct reflection of who you are!
    I and my family wish you and yours a Happy Healthy Warm Holiday!!

  34. Faith

    “Perhaps I’ll just use one of those and caption it “Because there is no such thing as The Perfect Christmas Card Photo. Merry Christmas!””
    Ok, if Shoebox, or Hallmark, or someone doesn’t pick up on this and run with it, I would be shocked…SHOCKED! Because its an awesome idea. I would totally send out those cards to people. Of someone else’s family. Yup. ::nods head::
    I love these photos!

  35. Denise

    So glad you updated! The pics were hilarious and adorable. Think of how much you will laugh over them when your kids are all grown…much more so than a perfectly posed pic.
    I’m sorry you don’t feel safe to post, I had a feeling that had something to do with your silence. You can always password protect your more personal entries, and only give the password to your kind and faithful readers (such as myself :::Smile:::)
    May God bless you and your family with a happy, healthy, and safe Christmas & New Year!

  36. Camille

    Oh, you should so do an accordian card with all of these photos in it. I think it would be the best Christmas card ever, because it’s so cute how they’re all randomly doing their own thing.

  37. Pam

    Glad your back! Love the pics 🙂 I will try to do mine tomorrow – I’ve got my fingers crossed I can just get one mostly decent one! My favorite is the one with her hands on their heads and her foot in their faces – too cute!

  38. Belladonna

    Love the pictures! I always love to send the more candid awkward ones versus the perfectly posed perfect ones – more real! Also, your teenager is turning into quite the looker. Watch out for those teen girl broken hearts.
    Also, glad to see you writing again. We all miss you!

  39. Cristin

    I’m so glad you posted-I hope those bean dip jerk-faces haven’t got you down!! The pics are great-Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  40. mom101

    Y, those are a million times better than those lame pro photos which strip all children of personality and replace it instead with some plastic Sears smile.
    I say it captures the real family. go for it. (Not that that will help the in-laws understand where the heck their perfect holiday photos are.)

  41. apathy lounge

    I get frustrated with family pics, too, and I’m always wondering what it is about us that makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get that perfect (magazine quality) photograph. Looking back, though, I realize that the best pics are the flawed ones. The ones that tell another story (like your teen who does pushups) altogether. Thanks for not letting the bastards of the internet get you down. They can’t help it that they’re the product of inbreeding.

  42. mickey

    HURRAY!!!!! A new post from you AND awesome pics!
    Add my name to the long list of those who have missed you!
    And I would totally go with the foot in the face pic. Besides, perfect pictures are overrated. My favorite family photo is one my aunts took of my now-deceased Gramma with all the grandchildren about 10 years ago. It was one of the rare occasions that we were all there, but nobody really wanted to pose. The aunts were gettting annoyed, we were getting cranky, and it finally got down to the last shot. My 6 cousins & I are all glaring in different directions…and so is Gramma. That’s the photo I have framed and mounted in my living room- Gramma laughed until she cried when she saw it. (my aunt D, on the other hand, is still mad about it and calls us all brats when she’s reminded of it.)

  43. Stacie

    Love the pics and have TOTALLY missed you! So glad that you are back and I am hoping that you don’t let the creepy, mean people keep you away from all of us that think you are awesome!
    I hope that you have the very best Christmas filled with the love of family and friends.

  44. patois

    I’m sorry you don’t feel safe enough to write here. I hope you’re writing somewheres! I love those pictures. They feel like my own.

  45. Becki

    Ah, and she’s back! I was missing your posts fiercely. It was like a friend was ignoring me. I love reading your blog Y and am glad you ventured back to the computer. 🙂

  46. Amity

    I LOVE that 2nd to last pic (with Gabby with her hands on the boys’ heads). I would TOTALLY use that one. 🙂

  47. Carrie

    I think the 3rd one is adorable – I’d TOTALLY send that as a card! Life with 3 is never picture-perfect, but perfect nontheless!
    Merry Christmas!

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