Thoughts on The Day After the Day After Christmas

For the first time in days, the house is completely silent.
Ah, peace and quiet.
Pighunter left with a friend for the afternoon. G is taking her afternoon nap. The boys are in Mexico, playing with a band for a church event.
Did you know that my boys are kick ass musicians? No? Oh, well then watch this.

I told you.
Also, I know. Enough with the videos already, right?
This Christmas is one of the best I’ve ever had. I can’t really explain why– it just was. There was no drama. It was all love, happiness, good food and Wii bowling.
Oh sweet God in Heaven– WII BOWLING!
I have no idea why I had never played it before. I mean, I have a Wii. I love my Wii. And yet I had never attempted to try Wii bowling. I confess, I thought it would be lame. But on Christmas, at my sister’s house, I discovered that it is NOT AT ALL LAME.
I can’t believe how much fun that stupid game is. I didn’t want to stop playing– mostly because I wanted to beat my Mom’s high score of 203 and couldn’t do it no matter how hard I tried. I became so obsessed that I got into it with my niece. I was all “I play winner!” And she was all “No, I do!” And I was all “NO. *I* do” and she was all “you already played, Auntie!” And I was all “So did you, little girl!” And she was all “But you played like 10 times!” And I was all “Oh yeah? Well you played like, 20 times, you big poopyface!”
Not a shining moment in my life, but dudes, have you played Wii bowling? If you have, then I know you understand why it was necessary for me to stoop to that level with an 8 year old.
So, yeah. Christmas was nice.
What about yours?
Rainy Christmas Night

26 thoughts on “Thoughts on The Day After the Day After Christmas

  1. Marmite Breath

    I’d write a long comment, but yeah, there’s Wii bowling going on upstairs, and a particularly cocky six-year old who’s about to get his little ass handed to him. So hahahahah.

  2. Y

    I accept your challenge. But just to know what I’m up against, what is your high score? Mine is only 193…

  3. whoorl

    Yeah, Wii bowling. Even though I fully understand that you DON’T need to utilize 150% body power, I think I play better when I throw my shoulder out.
    (Your boys are ROCKSTARS.)

  4. Peevish

    Oh, there was lots of Wii bowling going on at our house this Christmas. Plus? Tonight, I broke out the Wii Fit my husband gave me and actually fooled around on that thing for 35 minutes. That’s more actual exercise than I’ve done in, um, MONTHS! Hooray for Wii!!!!
    And, while I won’t challenge you to a bowl-off, I’ll gladly play!

  5. Wacky Mommy

    Dear God. I mean, Dear Y. Remember how you were all, I’m giving away a Wii and a Wii Fit on my other blog! and I was all — GIVE IT TO ME! and you didn’t? And then I cried, because I’m a big baby?
    My father-in-law saved the day and sent us one.
    The work-out game is good (My Fitness Coach — I’m getting Wii Fit next) is pretty good. Pretty, pretty good. But as i type this, my crazy family is playing Wii bowling FANATICALLY behind me and almost whacking me in the head, so I have to go now.
    So, yeah. I know just what you mean.

  6. Jennifer

    I wish I had a Wii! ::cry:: Oh, and your boys can rock it. Go to my myspace page and I have a vid of my son playing guitar, he is pretty good to!

  7. Lisa

    First off….your kids ROCK! I am so jealous…I don’t have a musical bone in my body.
    Second off….I am sadly one of those really sad, pathetic people that do NOT own a Wii. I want one so bad (I’m really aching for the Wii Fit…but bowling sounds so much fun, too!) but at this point all I can do is drool. It always seems that bills take precedent over fun. How unfair is that!?
    And lastly….I’m glad you had a good Christmas free of drama. If only we could have been so lucky. My toddler had pneumonia. He was cranktastic. It was a blast, let me tell you!

  8. sam {temptingmama}

    So wonderful that you had such a drama free and memorable Christmas! I am so happy for you and your fantastic, adorable children.
    P.S. Can you tell Jay that he should have gone with Mohr Cox… that would have been sooo much better! LOL

  9. Rachael

    WOW! They really are! You must tell the boys how the interbutts are impressed with their skills 😀
    And DUDE. I totally grok the Wii bowling thing. We did that at a friend’s house during an xmas party, everybody was plastered and the host kept having to go “WRIST STRAPS PLEASE! This is a new TV!!!’ hahaha. Oh, rock band, too. Shit is *ADDICTIVE*.

  10. lani

    I’ve watched Wii bowling, but never actually participated. It’s da bomb, huh? I’ll make SURE I participate next time. Fantastic musicians you have there, but then… you already knew that. 😉

  11. sassy

    Color me impressed! Wow…they are great! No I am not being polite…I watched it all and did not have the urge to fast forward! I didn’t make excuses to leave the room like when my brother makes me listen to him play!
    My family looks like your video…but we were Rock Band-ing on the Wii! Oh and I suck at guitar. 🙂
    Thanks for making the internets smile.

  12. patois

    I’m glad Christmas was nice for you. I’m sure you had moments of sadness, but I’m glad it’s the happy times you remember. Like Wii BOWLING!

  13. Velma

    I know exactly what you mean about the game thing. My brother brought his “Rock Band” set up over on NY’s Eve, and I groaned and thought, “Oh, great. Super loud and the kids are all going to fight over the microphone. Gah!”
    And then two hours later, I was all, “No, it’s MY turn on the guitar AGAIN because I wasn’t The One who failed their part. You can have a turn later, after you practice.”
    And then my 5 yr. old niece would tell me I was “being mean.”

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