25 Random things

I’ve been tagged for this by a few different people, so at this point, I’d be a total asshole to NOT do it. Problem is, I’m so boring, I don’t know if I can think of 5 things. So, here I go, trying to think of 25 “random things.”
1. The first thing that scares me during an earthquake is not that I could die, but that I will live and the toilets will not work and OH MY GOD WHERE WILL I PEE?
2. Kevin James is my boyfriend. He just doesn’t know it yet.
3. I have never NOR WILL I EVER taste a mushroom. What is wrong with you people who eat those disgusting things? Seriously. I do not understand you at all.
4. I once chased a purse snatcher (it was not MY purse he stole.) He threatened to kill me and I was all “GIVE ME THE PURSE, MAN.” It took 4 men to knock him down and hold him down until the police came. I should write about that story someday.
5. I always let people that I love know how I feel about them. It’s not always a good thing though, because when people don’t feel the same way in return, it hurts. A lot.
6. I am afraid, no, TERRIFIED of puking. I will make promises to God and cry and roll around on the floor or whatever it takes to stop the puke from happening.
7. When I was a teenager, I used to breed lovebirds. I was obsessed with bird. I was THE FUCKING BIRD WHISPERER. And I wonder why I never got asked to prom.
8. Speaking of Prom– I never attended a single high school dance. I was forbidden as my parents believed dancing was “of satan.”
9. I am two timing Kevin James with Judge Mathis.
10. I didn’t have sex until I was 18 years old. And engaged. But once I had sex, I had it multiple times a day. Every day. For like, years. (Tony wants you to know that 5 times in one day is “our record.”)
11. I once liked a boy who told me he would date me “if I got a perm.” I put rollers in my hair every night, but apparently, that wasn’t as good as a perm.
12. I was baptized when I was 18 years old in Tony’s ex- girlfriends parents pool while wearing a white robe. that covered me from head to toe. Seemed TOTALLY NORMAL at the time.
13. I love fish tacos. And no, that is not a euphemism. I love ACTUAL AND LITERAL fish tacos.
14. I met Jay Mohr at a show after he noticed and did a 5 minute set about my boobs. (Which, by the way, he loves.) We are now friends, in the way that one can be friends with a celebrity.
15. I’ve sang at more funerals than you’ve probably been to in your entire life. Just one of the many, MANY exciting benefits of being a “pastor’s kid.”
16. I’ve only been to NYC twice– once in 2002, and once in 2008. I fell in love HARD with the city and think of going back daily.
17. I like Dr.Phil.
18. I was once on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.
19. I miss my Grandpa every day and still can’t comprehend the fact that I will never see him smile at me or hear him tell me that I’m “his favorite” ever again. He was the most wonderful man I have ever known.
20. I am half Mexican and half German, but I can not speak nor understand Spanish or German.
And just to be different– the last 5 random things about me are from my husband, PigHunter:
21. You’re good with numbers
22. You have a beautiful voice
23. You’re very disorganized
24. You’re quick to show compassion to your friends. (You’re a good friend.)
25. You’re freak-ay with me.

46 thoughts on “25 Random things

  1. Mom101

    With hotties like Judge Mathis and Kevin James on your radar, it’s amazing you didn’t score sooner. No really – I bet those guys were suuuuuper hard to get in high school.
    (And Amber, first dibs on the Brooklyn hostel for Yvonne.)

  2. elizabeth

    I heart me some Kevin James. Isn’t it amazing how he is such a big guy but can totally move! Like Dan Belushi – just big, flexible guys. LOL! I love the episode where he shows Carrie how to REALLY pole dance!
    How is the job going!?

  3. elizabeth

    er – I know, Dan Belushi is deceased, but I just was always amazed by his moves. (sheesh, I sound nuts…)
    I dunno – I just love ‘shrums – there is no explanantion, other than you either love or hate them – like cilantro, I guess 😉

  4. Sarah

    Clearly the answer to number one is for you to flee to New York and use the toilets there. Thus killing two birds with one stone.

  5. Lyndsey

    You and your husband are so freakin cute together! I hope that when I am married for like 15 years (or at all) I still get freak-ay with my hubs 🙂

  6. mandy

    Oh how I’ve missed you! I did mine on facebook, but it was fun. I am half mexican too, my dad is from Mexico. My grandparents speak little english and I don’t know a lick of spanish. My mom was from Tennessee, so I think that balanced out the exoticness of being Mexican and you can’t even tell with me or my brothers. My grandfather has blue eyes and my brother has green. I hoped my kids would get some of that, but no.
    I don’t know why I told you all that, but somehow it seemed relevant to your post. Har.

  7. Sherri

    I loved reading this. I’m also half mexican, but the other half or quarters are french, irish and german. I also do not know how to speak spanish, nor does my father (who is full mexican lol).

  8. Chris

    When I was a kid we had two love birds that hated each other. In fact, when one died, the other picked his head clean off.
    In my dreams, Kevin James is my brother and Leah Remini is my sister in law. So butt out. You can be married to Spence.

  9. JenniferB

    I love how much you and your Hubby are so in love — and I love mushrooms. 😉 Sorry. Kevin James is adorable — you can have him though — I’ll take Tim McGraw. 😉

  10. Baby Favorite

    Are you kidding me? Your list rocked!
    I am totally with you on #3, #5, #6 & #10.
    Fear of vomiting is emetophobia (or something like that)… I have it to an extreme, as well.

  11. Jinky

    Don’t ya love Jay’s new show? (Gary Unmarried) I think it’s very funny! Elizabeth-You mean John Belushi. Gone, but not forgotten!

  12. M@andy

    You are sooo my people!!! I also refuse to puke, love Judge Mathis and like Dr. Phil. Number 7? Had me laughing my ass off.
    P.S. I also love fish tacos.

  13. Chris

    LOVE Kevin James! I’ll fight you for him. LOL @ Tony piping up for some commentary. “5 times people.. 5!!” Plz tell me they caught you picking your nose when they snapped your picture. LOL

  14. Kelly R.

    Hi, long time reader, never commented before today. I have to say I love me some Kevin James before and I know you have mentioned him in the past. I love his hairy chest. I love guys with hairy chests. Can’t help myself. My husband is like a gorilla and I love it. lol I also want to tell you all about my new journal that I just started up. It’s about my anxiety troubles and my mundane life in general. If anyone likes to read journals about boring life then come read mine. It’s http://puggymommy.livejournal.com
    Thanks and happy reading. Sorry if this is like an advertisement. lol

  15. Kristy

    I LOVE that you love Judge Mathis. Days like today when I’m working from home, I watch every time he’s on.

  16. Jennifer

    I love fish tacos, too! With mushrooms! Just joking about the mushrooms. Actually, I like them with blackened orange roughy, cilantro and onions, in corn tortilla shells, of course! (I used to live in CA, where we’d eat at Wahoo’s, but here in Central IL there’s not a single place that sells them! Luckily I have learned to make my own)

  17. Bethany

    I am also beyond terrified of puking, and love (literal) fish tacos. I’m loving all these ’25 random things about me’ lists.

  18. CharlieHipHop

    You should reconsider the mushroom thing. Mushrooms make other things taste good (did you know that MSG is based on a naturally occurring compound in shiitake mushrooms?) and they are very, very good for you. Consuming mushrooms is the primary reason that I look like a strikingly handsome 23 year old man even though I’m significantly older than that.

  19. CharlieHipHop

    You should reconsider the mushroom thing. Mushrooms make other things taste good (did you know that MSG is based on a naturally occurring compound in shiitake mushrooms?) and they are very, very good for you. Consuming mushrooms is the primary reason that I look like a strikingly handsome 23 year old man even though I’m significantly older than that.

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