She is The Champion, My Friend.

A few weeks ago, my daughter woke up from her nap in One of Those Moods. She was upset that her Daddy had the FLIPPING NERVE to leave to go to the grocery store while she was sleeping.
“But why did he leave without me?” She asked, while tears formed in her eyes.
“Because you were sleeping, honey.”
“But Mommy, I love Daddy! I wanted to go with him! Why didn’t he wait…for…(*tears*) MEEEEEEEE.”
“No! No! Don’t cry, Sweetie! It’s okay. He’ll be right back!”
Nothing I did to comfort her helped.
But then, I had a Spontaneous Moment of Parenting Genius.
“Look at how fast I can blink my eyes!” I said. I began to blink my eyes as fast as I could. She looked up at me, not having it at first. But I pressed on and kept blinking.
“I bet you can’t blink your eyes this fast! Only Mommy can blink her eyes faster!”
Tears, stopped.
I had just challenged her to a blink off and because she inherited my competitive spirit, it was SO ON.
What happened next was amazing.
And hilarious.
And something that The Middle Child decided MUST BE RECORDED ON VIDEO. So, later that night he took out the Flipcam and let the magic happen. I hope you think it is as funny as my entire family does.
The Blinking Faster Game.

The Champion of Blinking from mamarosa on Vimeo.

47 thoughts on “She is The Champion, My Friend.

  1. Elisa

    OMG, that’s hilarious! I love that we can distract them from a tantrum by making a game out of something totally random. It works every time 😀

  2. Sarah

    Sheer brilliance. I feel like trying this, but I have the feeling it might make my contact lenses pop out. But on second thoughts, that might be amusing in itself.

  3. Jen

    Ha! I love how she’s getting her whole face into it. “Must …. contort mouth …. to blink…. faster!” She’s hilarious.
    And I am totally stealing the fastest blinker contest the next time one of my kids is in A Mood.

  4. Naomi F.

    When I was a kid my Dad and I played the “who has the hardest head” game (probably as a distraction as well), wherein we pushed out foreheads together until someone gave up and was then the loser. I was the total champion.

  5. Emily

    Aww I just got the speakers replaced on my computer and have been saving this link to watch and it’s gone already!

  6. Dana

    She is too cute! I love this! I love how her whole face moves, as though she’s concentrating really hard to beat you. 🙂

  7. supertiff

    i love the part in the middle where she’s not actually blinking, but just moving her mouth. it reminds me of how, for some unknown reason, i have to open my mouth really wide when i put on my mascara.
    she is too adorable.

  8. apathy lounge

    Oh! The earnest concentration she shows whilst trying to blink fast! This made me laugh and it made my heart hurt just a little, too. Those early years are so precious…when little things take on huge importance. Things like blinking fast. I miss my kids’ early childhood. I really do.

  9. Natika

    Last weekend my husband, daughter, son & I were in the car for a 5hr trip. My 9yr old son is bored and whiny about the entire thing….you get the picture. So in response to his semi tantrum I start talking and answering everything in my best parrot voice. You know the “Polly wanna cracker” voice! Before long everyone in the car was laughing and begging for more Polly.
    It’s amazing what a little ingenuity can do.
    Cute video…………

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