I can’t decide whether to call this one “how old are you again, fangirl?” Or “No one cares about basketball players but you, fangirl.”

The elevator doors opened and I couldn’t believe who I saw standing there among the people.
No one seemed phased by him whatsoever, so maybe he wasn’t who I thought he was. Maybe he just looked a lot like him? Or something?
And so I asked him.
“Are you Jason Kidd?”
To which he replied in his deep, sexy voice.
“Yes. Yes I am.”
“Hi!” I said, as I extended my hand to shake his hand. “I’m Yvonne and I’m a huge NBA fan. As are my boys. It’s so nice to meet you.”
“Thank you.” He said.
“My boys are going to be so excited when I tell them that I met you!” I said, all Fan-Girlie like.
I don’t think he said anything in response to that, but I can’t be sure because I kind of went deaf, dumb and blind with excitement. And I seriously could not believe that no one else seemed to care in the slightest bit that they were in an elevator with Jason Kidd.
After we stepped out of the elevator, I turned to Lindsay and said something like “I can’t believe I just met Jason Kidd!”
“Why don’t you ask him to take a picture with you?” She said. Which, trust me, I had thought about asking him, but was feeling a little “chicken shit” about it. However, once she suggested it, I walked over to him and said “Jason, would you mind taking a picture with me? I don’t want to bother you if you’re busy, but if you wouldn’t mind, I’d really love a picture with you.”
He wasn’t the friendliest person on the planet, but was more than kind about stopping what he was doing so we could take a picture together.
As Lindsay was about to snap, she said “You know, she’s famous too. She’s a famous blogger!” Which made me laugh so hard because… HA HA. FAMOUS BLOGGERZ! haasdhasa. Only Lindsay would say something so absurd and hilarious to a world famous NBA basketball player.
do YOU know who this man is?
Look at me, with my conference pass around my neck.
Look at him. All hot and pro basketball player-y.
After we left, my mouth was watering in the way that it does when I get overly excited about things and I was telling every single person I know “Hey! I just met Jason Kidd in the elevator.”
And every single person I told was like “Who? Who is Jason Kidd? Is he a blogger?” Well, every single person except Sarah. Sarah knows what’s up. She was all “Shut the fuck up! You MET JASON KIDD?! NO WAY” or something like that. But everyone else… clueless.
Total Boner Killers, those Bloggers.
I called My Boys to tell them about it and they were both thrilled and also jealous that I had met a Real Life NBA player. Little did they know that I was about to have a little more fun in NBA Player Heaven, AKA The Elevator at The Four Seasons Hotel.
The next day as I was about rounding the corner to head to the elevator, a fine looking black man standing at the front desk caught my eye.
Was it who I thought it was? Could it really be the man who did THIS to Kobe Bryant during the NBA playoffs against the Suns?

It WAS him. And we were about to get in the same elevator.
I walked over to him just before the elevator doors opened and said “Raja Bell?” To which he answered “Yes?” The elevator doors opened and we stepped inside.
“Me and my family are huge NBA fans.”
“That’s great.” He said. He was much nicer than I expected someone who CLOTHELINES KOBE BRYANTS to be. “More specifically, we’re Laker Fans.”
He started to laugh.
“Uh Oh.” He said.
Yeah” I said. Because I’m fucking AWESOME with the comebacks.
“Well, I’m not playing on the West Coast anymore, so we don’t have to fight.”
Now I started laughing.
“It’s all love.” I said.
It’s kind of crazy that I said something so nice to the man who talked so much shit about Kobe Bryant. And really, I should have said something like “I hope you break your ankle. OR MAYBE YOUR FACE.” But he was so kind (and HOT) and friendly (and HOT.) that I couldn’t help but be nice and maybe, possibly, fall a liiiiiiiittle bit in love with him.
I did not get a picture with him, because that was like the ONE TIME that weekend that I didn’t have my camera with me. And that is sad, because I really need you to know that I am not lying when I say that he is HOT.

43 thoughts on “I can’t decide whether to call this one “how old are you again, fangirl?” Or “No one cares about basketball players but you, fangirl.”

  1. Suburban Turmoil

    The best part was his reaction to finding out he was having his picture taken with a FAMOUS BLOGGER! He was… AWED INTO A STUNNED SILENCE. You have that effect on people, Y!

  2. Stephanie

    I’m not an NBA fan, but I am a huge baseball fan and would totally have the same reaction if I ever ran into a famous baseball player. And even though I don’t follow the NBA, I know who Jason Kidd is! (But not Raja, but you are right… he is a hottie.)

  3. jonniker

    HA HA HA. Oh Jason Kidd. I am a HUGE NBA fan, but would have been hard pressed not to kick him in the balls after all the smacktalk and weirdness with Joumana way back when (apparently I am a grudge-holder on things like that, even if they’re FALSE CLAIMS).
    Except that I would only do that IN MY DREAMS, THAT IS. Because in reality, I would have done precisely what you did and been all, ZOMG YOU ARE JASON KIDD. And hey, bummer about being stuck at the Mavs, eh?

  4. Shan

    I’m so not a basketball (or sports in general) fan, but I’ve always lusted a bit after Jason Kidd. Seriously, I may have peed a little if I’d been in the elevator with him. So much more embarrassing than asking for a picture.

  5. Shana

    I’m so not a basketball (or sports in general) fan, but I’ve always lusted a bit after Jason Kidd. Seriously, I may have peed a little if I’d been in the elevator with him. So much more embarrassing than asking for a picture. And WAY worse than being a famous blogger, since you TOTALLY ARE!!

  6. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    I said it then and I’ll say it again now
    I was in that hotel somewhere and all I saw was George Lopez and a hooker.
    This is bullshit. Next time I’m following you around. You get to meet all the cool basketball players.

  7. katelin

    okay that story is amazing, well both stories. love it. i wish i only could have been so lucky in the elevators at the four seasons. 🙂

  8. mandy

    That was the only kind of post that could get my husband’s attention. Ha. He was like, who is she with Jason Kidd. I told him the truth, a famous blogger lady.

  9. Cass

    This whole post is beyond awesome, I found myself doing the literal LOL with my boyfriend looking at me crazy. Of course I read the thing to him out loud and his entire response?
    “You know Bell played for Yakima.” He’s loyal to guys from his hometown. 🙂

  10. mothergoosemouse

    Dude, I totally knew who he was when you told me. I was even telling Kyle about it again last night, for probably the fourteenth time.
    Now I *am* impressed that you recognized him. I wouldn’t recognize a celebrity even if they clotheslined me.

  11. Michelle

    I wouldn’t have recognized them, that’s for sure. It seems meeting them for you would be like me meeting Tim Burton or Patrick Stump.

  12. Laura Lohr

    You are hilarious. Your conference sounds like it was so much fun!
    When I was in Vegas some many Halloweens ago, there were BB players everywhere at the hotel we stayed at. Not being a BB fan, I was taking picture with every single one of them. LOL.

  13. M

    …or you could have clothes-lined Bell…like at his knee or his thigh…since he’s so tall and all- pay backs suck!
    Glad there’s another blogger who knows basketball! I met Baron Davis once and he wasn’t that tall…well, he was sitting down at dinner…

  14. Glennia

    I’m sure that when Jason Kidd ego-surfs his name on Google and comes across this blog post, he is going to be very pleased. He should be grateful he got to me YOU, famous blogger woman.

  15. Abby

    I’m not a fan of the NBA..and I don’t know many of the players..but you KNOW I be knowin who Jason Kidd is. Good LOOORRDDD that man is fucking sexy! MMM!!

  16. Sarah

    I can’t say I know/care about the NBA that much, but I can say this. I’ve been reading this blog for YEARS (like…5) and I really look forward to reading it, and I’ve followed all of your thyroid drama and everything, and without sounding creepy, you look FANTASTIC. Like, radiant and beautiful and super happy. I’m super, SUPER psyched that your attitude has gotten so much more positive, and you just seem like you’re getting healthier and healthier every day.
    So, I failed with the not sounding like a stalker/creep person, but you just look so GOOD, and it’s a “within” type of good, on top of the external stuff.
    PS: hot top. really.

  17. AA

    I would have had no idea who any of those guys are. I would have just thought it was my lucky day to be in a hotel with all those tall good looking black guys. And, um, now, totally lusting for Jason Kidd. Thank you very much.
    Your picture is awesome. You are too cute and so photogenic. If I had gotten that lucky I would have ended up in the pic with one eye closed and a snarl on my face.

  18. Jerri Ann

    Ok, so here I was about to read this and I read “the elevator doors opened and I couldn’t believe who I saw standing there” and I just knew you were talking about me, lmao, remember I did practically rape you when you entered the elevator with me
    Anyway, I knew he was and I was the fool who didn’t have her camera either time I got on the elevator with one of those Mavericks…argh, Jason Kidd, Erick Dampier, just enough to make me go gah what is wrong with you girl….
    I was no where near as suave as you were either but I was the one who just as the elevator closed for me to get off, I said, “just so you know, I’ll be blogging you guys” and of course, they looked at me like I was a complete fool..maybe because I was but……
    oh well, I know my basketball players too and I didn’t even get a shout out on your blog, waaah whiney whiney woman here, who cares about about a shout out, I was telling everyone about meeting them and then “Y had her picture made with Jason Kidd” and people, even my own husband said, “who is he?” he knew who you were, but not Jason Kidd…so see, you are a celebrity

  19. Dana

    That is just SO cool. When I saw the photo of you and Jason Kidd on flickr, I just about died. I’m not a huge BBall, fan, but my dad is, and I know the names from listening to him.
    Wow! Two NBA players in one trip. That is awesome!

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