She Most Definitely Did NOT Learn That From Me. (Because I am LAME With The Comebacks.)

Every time I pick up G from Preschool, her teacher has something positive to say about her. Usually, she is very general and says things like “she’s so sweet” or “she’s so funny.” But sometimes, she’ll tell me about songs she sang for her or stories she told about her brothers. You know, those things that parents love to hear about their kids from their teachers.
Today, she pulled me aside and said “I have to tell you a funny story about what she said today.”
The story goes like this:
G was telling the teacher about her “boyfriend” who just happens to be Woody (Yes, THAT Woody. From Toy Story.) J walked up to her and got all up in her face.
Boy: “You’re WEIRD, G.” He shouted.
She thought for a split second.
And then…
G: “Your FACE is weird.”
I teach my children to be kind and respectful to others and there are consequences when they’re not. So, I did have a conversation with her about what she said. I told her that she could have said something like “that’s not nice, J.” instead of answering his insult with another insult. But, honestly, Little Dude had it coming.
I guess this is one of the advantages of having Big Brubbers — she is not scared of boys nor the least bit worried about their opinions of her. And I LOVE that about her.

23 thoughts on “She Most Definitely Did NOT Learn That From Me. (Because I am LAME With The Comebacks.)

  1. katelin

    even though shooting back insults is not always nice, way to go G for standing up for herself. 🙂

  2. Kristie

    I love that the teacher said she had to tell you a “funny” story about it …. even the teacher thought the little dude had it coming! 🙂

  3. patois

    I know you’re right about telling her not to retort back. My head knows you’re right. My heart says, “Right on!”

  4. sam {temptingmama}

    That reminds me of this time in high school. There was this particular boy who was always kinda mean to a friend of mine. One day we were walking down the hall and infront of all his friends he cracked “Nice F-ing pants” and she quickily turned back to him and said “Nice F-ing face. At least I can change my pants.”

  5. Helen

    Heh! There is something formidable about a girl with 2 big brothers, I know cause I have one of those 2, she is 19 now…Her brothers are 21 and 23 and 6′ 2″ and 6′ 5″. They told me one night they were keeping an eye on her in a club ( 18 is the legal age in the UK) and she is very shapley, she is not in the least shy about her beautiful and voluptuous body either, anyhoo they saw a man approach her and could see that whatever he had said had not pleased Sophie, as she walked away from the man, he grabbed her bum…just as big brothers went to her aid they saw her pull back her arm, clench her fist and knock him right out!
    Yep…having big brothers makes a girl pretty sure of herself alright!

  6. Musings from Me

    I hate the way that kids get away with bad behavior in school. Same kids misbehave over and over again. Happens throughout school. Your daughter did well to stand up for herself. Cool Kid!

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