Matchbox Do DO DOOOO

Is there anything funnier than kids singing songs that they don’t know the words to? Besides kids doing jumping jacks?
I don’t think that there is.
I have amazing videos of my boys singing to Backstreet boys and N’Sync when they were little dudes. (Lucky for them, those are still on VHS-c tapes. Must get them converted to dvds STAT!) I remember when they’d perform for me, I’d fight back the laughter as I wondered to myself “what do they think this song means? Because those are not actual words!” My daughter has started doing the same thing with songs that I love and it is THE sweetest, most adorable, most hilarious thing in my life right now.
Because, seriously.

Untitled from mamarosa on Vimeo.

19 thoughts on “Matchbox Do DO DOOOO

  1. Lyndsey

    hahah that is awesome. that your kid at that age knows any version of weezer clearly means she is destined for future cool-ness. 🙂

  2. robyn

    I’m totally calling dibs on her marrying one of my sons. That is just about the best thing I’ve seen in almost 15 years on teh-intarwebs!!!!

  3. RachelJ

    Too cute! That reminds me of my 5yo. She sings Matchbox 20’s Let’s See How We’ve Come as “let’s see if Barbie’s home.” Cracks me up evert time (cause, of course, if the world is coming to an end you’d want to hang with Barbie).

  4. Angela

    Dang she is CUTE!!! I remember a girl I babysat for who sang, “Hot potato Hot potato. Rock me Hot Potato!” to “Amadeus Amadeus…” When I questioned it, she made me feel like the idiot with that “What are you talking about?” look. Well, what AM I talking about? Duh it’s Hot Potato! Cause I mean, Ama-what? Who would sing about that?

  5. Suzanne

    She is so stinkin’ cute! And what a great singer, she definitely takes after mom in that category.

  6. geekbrat

    AAHAHAAHAHAA. I have my laptop set up to a monitor and keyboard and sitting closed on the desk, and one of my cats was laying on it (cause it’s warm). I start playing the video, and he gets up, looks around for the source of the noise, and starts chewing on the laptop. Like, on the corner of the case, *gnawgnawgnaw*. Almost as funny as the video itself 😉

  7. Jenn

    So hilarious. I love how serious she is. Oh my goodness, how do you not just die from the preciousness?

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