22 thoughts on “Remembering Maddie

  1. Laura

    I want to say something meaningful, but I just can’t find the words. I’m so glad you were there for them… my thoughts are with Maddie and her family constantly.

  2. Christie

    What an amazing site for such a somber occasion, I can’t imagine the pain she is going thru in losing her beautiful precious Maddie. I’ve been reading her updates, started from day one on her blog and its so precious, like a book I can’t put down. My heart and prayers to Heather and Mike, even though I do not know them….being a Mother myself…I still cannot imagine the pain. Y, you have been such an amazing person thru this and I commend you in helping her out in this time of need. Thank YOU!!!!

  3. Mrs. Flinger

    I think the middle one is so amazingly touching. (They all are.. BUT.. ) I think it is so powerful, just the baloons and the sky, yaknow?
    Of course, they all make me cry so there’s that.
    Lovely, babe. As always. XO

  4. Chantel

    WOW!!!!!!! Puts my 5 purple balloons to shame! I can just picture Maddie in Heaven having a grand ole time with these. Amazing and Breathtaking!

  5. Stefanie

    I was waiting for these. They are gorgeous pictures. Of course you had to make me cry again but then, when am I not these days?

  6. Cindy

    On one hand this makes me so sad, sad for the parents of this beautiful baby. On the other, this baby is now one of the most beautiful angels in heaven.

  7. Wacky Mommy

    Sending love to Maddie’s family and all of us whose lives she touched. What an impact such a little one made. She was only little in size.

  8. Shauna

    You did a wonderful, generous and thoughtful thing in doing the raffle for the camera. You raised a great deal of money for a family in the midst of heartbreak and helped them bear some of the financial pressure. I hope if I am ever in a horrible situation, I have friends like you to hold me up.

  9. chris

    Beautiful, touching and heartbreaking. I wore purple Tues to honor Maddie and her family. I think of her and her family and cry for them everyday. Thanks for sharing.

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