Here she comes, Kindergarten. I hope you’re ready for her.

In just a couple of hours, my daughter will be graduation from preschool. I am looking forward to it– she’ll be performing a song and dance, how could I not be? And she’s very excited about it, mostly because she’ll get to wear her cap and gown.
All of that said, I’m feeling a bit annoyed at what a Huge Production they’re making out of this graduation.
For starters, it will be at a STADIUM. Not a school, or an auditorium, or a park. A stadium, people.
And there is assigned parking! And wristbands for checkout! And seating charts so I can maybe find my daughter among the hundreds of other kids AT THE STADIUM.
I love my children and am always thrilled to celebrate milestones, both big AND small. However, the ordeal they’re making out of it seems just a liiiiiiiiittle over the top. I’ll happily go and I’ll even happily buy her BALLOONS AND FLOWERS that will be for sale (kind of like I happily bought her the cap and gown because OH!MY!GOD!SO!CUUUUUTE!) But at the same time, seriously? Cap and gowns? A stadium? Parking passes? wrist bands? For preschool “graduation”?
I remember when the boys graduated from preschool, it was sweet and simple. A little ceremony at the park. We brought out chairs and a cooler with snacks and drinks. When they called their name, I ran up as close as I could to the little stage and snapped some photos. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to SEE my daughter tonight, because, you know. STADIUM.
I just wish things were a bit more simple, because, you know, their 4 year olds. That said, I know we’ll have a great time and it will be a night I’ll never forget. Mostly because my daughter will be wearing this, you guys.
Updated, with photos.
Preschool Graduation "
You should know that I did not condone or put on the lipstick. She put it on in the car on the way to The Stadium. I didn’t have a single tissue or paper towel to wipe it off, so, it stayed. Ah, My Girl.
Preschool Graduation "
Preschool Graduation "
.Me and The Little Graduate.

33 thoughts on “Here she comes, Kindergarten. I hope you’re ready for her.

  1. Shannon

    What? Seriously? Dude, my daughter is graduating preschool in 2 weeks and it’s like a 15 minute program at the preschool with some construction paper caps and yarn tassels.

  2. Leslie

    My mom reacted the same way when I was graduating from preschool. When we walked out, she started cracking up, as we were wearing garbage bag gowns and squares of black construction paper with a yarn tassels on our heads.

  3. Denise

    She looks unbelievably adorable as usual, but I’m with you: if this is preschool graduation, high school graduation is going to be a let down!

  4. Emily

    I SO wish you were kidding! I have to say I wouldn’t let my child attend (but I’m a big meanie!) I’m all for celebrating small victories but if they get this for preschool what are they going to expect for Kindergarten? Grade 7 and heaven forbid every other real triumph! Good luck enjoying the day and hopefully you can see her without binoculars (and she can see how proud you are!)

  5. Jackie

    Are you kidding me? That’s CR-AAAAAZY! My oldest will be heading to Kindergarten and I just heard there will be some sort of a picnic. WTF.

  6. Lena

    YAY! Congrats G! You are a super star! And? You totally deserve to wear MAKE UP. And have the freshest eggs.

  7. nicole

    Hi Y,
    I was at this graduation cause my baby graduated, too! I also thought it was crazy when I first heard it was at the stadium, but I have to admit it was adorable! And, even though we were at a STADIUM, it was not over the top like I imagined….probably because the kids were so darn cute in those cap and gowns and singing their songs.
    Congrats on your baby’s first of many “big days”.

  8. Miss

    Oh my. My heart kinda froze a little and I got a lump in my throat looking at this picture. I told you (when I went all fan girl on you) that I’ve read here for quite a long time. Watching her and your handsome boys grow through your eyes has been quite the experience.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.

  9. ajnabi

    Oh, wow. Can I say how much I love those last two in particular? Did you hide your camera under a folded-up trenchcoat or newspaper to get the illicit snaps? Yay for G-Unit!

  10. Kaza

    I know, it’s really become almost ridiculous, hasn’t it? We have this to look forward to a year from now. Sigh. (But I must say, your little graduate looks great!)

  11. baseballmom

    OMG, seriously? A stadium? Alex’s preschool had a little party where we gave the teacher roses and took pics of our kids on her lap with their diplomas…dang, I had no idea what we were missing out on! Really, though…she is soooo beautiful, and I love that she had to look her best with the lipstick!

  12. Baby Favorite

    I know what you mean; everything is completely overdone these days. My 9yo recently was picked up at our house in A LIMO for a “black tie” birthday party (complete with a red carpet, no less).
    That being said, your baby girl is gorgeous! Just wait until you can compare this picture to her high school graduation one. *sniff*

  13. Christine

    That photo of her waving? Oh my goodness. Excellent. The lipstick makes it too.
    Congratulations on surviving what might be the most huge pre-school graduation EVER. A stadium? Really? Wow, what is next?

  14. Al_Pal

    1. Super cute!
    2. I, also, wish to know the size of this preschool!
    Great pics.

  15. Amy (from Gracobaby)

    I agree. What happened to the “simpler times” from when we were kids? And to think, my mom thought things were even simpler when SHE was a kid. . .what’s in store for our grandchildren?
    I guess all we can do is to enjoy the moment – however grand or modest 🙂

  16. Amy M.

    As freakin cute as she is…really?, a stadium? WTF? and with all the cap and gown nonsense and who ha about it all…what’s left to feel important about getting the same stuff when you graduate from high school?? i miss the simpler times when there wasn’t even a graduation from pre-school – you just went on to a new school for goodness sake.
    P.S. thanks for the lipstick explanation as i was super curious about it!!! darn girly girl!

  17. Christine

    umm when I graduated preschool, we made paper hats and we had a little ceremony in our classroom. that’s it. no balloons, no cards, no flowers, no cap, no gown, no stadium… geez. and they wonder why kids these days feel entitled to everyfreakingthing.

  18. Safa

    She is a doll baby! A stadium is really a bit much. I did the balloons for my son as well. But I went to my nephews preschool grad in the community center. It was realy cute…however, some tacky hotmess family members (not mine) actually rented a LIMO to take the kid to chuck e cheeses.

  19. amy

    Oh Safa that made me laugh! A LIMO!?!
    My daughters had a little ceremony at the end of their preschool. The kids wore the hats and capes and each got told why they were a wonderful part of the class and were given a book. All the parents brought a snack to eat and it was kind of sweet. Necessary? Hell no! They are graduating from PRESCHOOL people!

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