My [fingers]review[/fingers] of Jillian Michael’s 30- Day Shred

(Will not say anything about my face. WILL NOT.)

p.s. my secret is out. Sometimes? I don’t wash my face before I go to bed. HA HA WHOOPS. I said something.

68 thoughts on “My [fingers]review[/fingers] of Jillian Michael’s 30- Day Shred

  1. Tammy

    At least you could breathe well enough to actually speak into the camera after the first time! It does get easier and better but still an intense workout after 60 or 90 days.

  2. cindy w

    I actually liked the Shred because I could feel myself getting stronger & tighter after just a few days… unfortunately, after those few days, both of my knees decided to EXPLODE from all of the high-impact jumping around, so I had to stop doing it. Bah. I’m now trying out Weight-Loss Yoga with Bob from the Biggest Loser. We’ll see.

  3. Denise

    This had me LOL. I’ve done the 30DS 11 times now and it still kicks my butt. I’m sooo with you on the jumping jacks and the butt kicks. My ankles feel like they’re going to snap and my feet will become detached from my body. I’m going to try level two for the first time today, because in spite of the twenty minutes of torture, after 11 days I DO feel stronger. Not skinnier, but that’s cuz I’m still eating cake at one am.
    By the way your face looks pretty on the video so don’t trip! πŸ™‚

  4. Scout's Honor

    thanks for saving me the pain of trying. 215 hurts just a much, me thinks.
    As for make up? Who doesn’t my friend. Sadly, still have flecking mascara from yesterday and it’s 9:30 which means i took the kids to school in this muck. Yep, i went out in public with raccoon eyes.
    Maybe i should punish myself with just a few jumping jacks after all..

  5. Ann

    I’m so glad you posted this..I was just about to go buy the video. jumping jacks suck. I hate how my entire body continues to jiggle for at least 20 seconds after I stop. It’s horrible!
    BTW..I think you look great and I’m proud of you for continuing to go for it.

  6. norm

    Hahahhaha, awesome. You are so effing cute.
    It honestly mystifies me that people ever agree on exercise regimes. Everyone is so different it makes no sense to do something that’s not tailored for you, personally. So this doesn’t surprise me.

  7. Daisy

    I hate it too…but I’m loving the results. I’m going to start swapping it out every few days for the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga (Yay for Netflix!!) For me it isn’t the jumping jacks but the rope skipping- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  8. Y

    Oh and I FORGOT– THE BOOBS. DD’s & Jumping jacks do not mix. Even if I’m double bra’n it.

  9. Sundry

    I have been doing that freaking video for like a YEAR and it STILL SUCKS. Level 1 is especially cruel, I think, since it starts right out with that brutal pushup/military press combo.
    Also, jumping jacks make me fart THERE I SAID IT.
    PS: it gets easier, I promise. Not PLEASANT, obvs, but much less kill-me-nowish.

  10. Katie

    I never wash my face before bed. Ever. I wear makeup about 3 times per year, so that helps.
    I got the 30-day Shred from Netflix about a month ago and still haven’t even opened the envelope.
    DDs need the Enell sports bra. While nursing I was a 32F, and for me, nothing moves when you’re in that thing. Although I do have to acknowledge that when you get into the larger band sizes, a 32F is equivalent to a 40B. So I can’t vouch for those who are 40Fs or something.

  11. Jessica

    I’m on my second try with this and have determined Jillian Michael’s is the devil. I did do the full 30 days about 6 months ago and lost 12 pounds though. Too bad I gained it all back and am having to do it all over again.

  12. Lyndsey

    Haha I’ve been thinking about getting the dvd. Now I’m scared!!
    And I? Almost never wash my face before bed. Whatevs.

  13. Amy M.

    fellow non face washer. i hate the water running down my arms and dripping off my elbows. can’t do it. i watched the shred on my cable channel and i can’t say it inspired me to jump on up and do it. she was much nicer than i expected her to be though.

  14. ali

    at first, I loved it. I was all on board the Jillian Michaels train (choo choo) and then, about 2 weeks in…HATE. HATE. HATE.
    I put it down, started running outside, and haven’t looked back.

  15. Belle

    No! Don’t do a week of 30 day shred! That stupid video KILLED my knees. I think it was all the squats. OMG after a week I couldn’t walk without pain. And seriously, I used to run several 1/2 marathons a couple times a year, so my knees know some pain, you know?
    Have you heard of BodyBugg or GoFit? A little (not inexpensive) armband device that you wear that tells you how many calories you are burning and then you log your food into the computer and can compare calories consumed to calories burned? The Biggest Loser contestents supposedly wore them. Well, I’m doing that plus that program where you count your daily points and so far it’s working pretty well. Less painful than 30 day shred.
    Keep up the good work! But be careful with that video, I was sidelined for months after using it for just a week.

  16. Shredheads

    Dude. You make “hate” sound so pretty.
    Definitely need good cross trainers. DEFINITELY.
    Oddly, my shins never hurt – they hurt when I’m running. But I’ve been doing shin splint exercises – who knew about those?
    I know it’s not for everyone, but the 20 minute thing sold me.
    Well and the 12 lbs I lost.

  17. Stacie

    And THIS is why I love you and always return to this blog…(even if I usually lurk and don’t always comments)

  18. liz

    1. Wow – that is not how I thought you sounded. You have the sweetest voice.
    2. LOL
    3. I bought this video. 3 months ago. I’ve not opened it. but. if you can do it, i can do it.
    4. ps i wanted to respond your your post 2 posts ago about marketing and writing and why. please keep writing. if i tell you all the reasons i think you rule, you’ll think i’m a stalking fangirl and we will never be “friends”. let me hold that dream.
    5 pps but i live in chicago – so if you want to meet a non-blogger fan when you’re at blogher – i’d be happy to buy you a frappuccino in a public place.

  19. rozalita

    If you have a few bucks to throw down for something to tie down ye olde boobies check out Mine are smaller than yours, but I still rock a C/D cup normally and I got the one that zips up the front and hot damn it’s immobilizing. I am in lo-lo-love with it.
    I randomly picked it up in February while I was training for a 10k and it was heaven sent, I swear. Before that it was two bras every time and they didn’t have enough strapping power and would chafe me raw.

  20. Miss

    Pass it my way. When I hate it to (and I will) I’ll bring it back, we’ll take turns stomping on it, and then we’ll get drunk and annoy your neighbors.

  21. mrs_butter_b

    hey go check your email…don’t laugh at my east coast pasty-whiteness, ok?
    and take note of my bad face before and my much improved face after….there’s a secret to that too
    and to whoever posted about exercise ruining your knees if you’re fat- yeah. double yeah.

  22. Lisa

    I hated it too, I had such horrible shin splints my shins hurt just standing still, walking was torture. But after talking to a friend who is a trainer she suggested doing much more pre-work out stretching. Jillian does not do enough warm up before you start with the body jarring jumping jacks! Do exercises that stretch all your leg muscles, especially your shins. It has really helped.
    Also I found that the Biggest Loser DVD’s are much better when you are just starting out. They have REAL PEOPLE IN THEM! FAT PEOPLE! People that look LIKE ME! It’s so much more motivating to see overweight people struggeling to keep up and doing the moves in stead of Anita and whats her face that never even break a sweat!
    I’ve been alternating 30DS with the Power Sculpt and Cardio Max. The beginner levels are much better suited to us out of shape folks! Going to add in the Yoga one soon and get TBL Workouts 1 an 2 for more variety.
    Good luck, I hope you find something you dont Hate!

  23. Midwest Mommy

    I have this too! The jumping jacks were the worse! My beaver tails (my boobs nick name, flat headed towards my knees) cannot jump like that after two kids, lol.

  24. Marcy

    1, you are so right… DD myself and I wouldn’t have to worry about leftover mascara .. since my eyes would be black and blue from the impact of Jumping Jacks..
    2.You really need to post videos of your self more often… You’re hilarious in print… and even funnier with your actual voice… Haaated it..!!!!
    Thanks for the info …No Jumping JackAss -ness for me !

  25. Danielle

    ha you are hilarious! I just wanted to say that I love your voice – so pretty!

  26. chrissy

    I did it for 2 days, and I swear to you, I could not walk for about the next 3 days… It sucked and the video is sitting on the tv cabinet. I guess i could try it again, but I’m also not a big fan of jumping jacks.

  27. Katie

    Sounds like it wasn’t any fun – don’t worry, I hate jumping jacks too, they suck! By the way, an ad popped up and covered the comment box until I clicked it closed … just letting you know in case that’s not supposed to happen. It was following me around for a while there and got a little freaky.

  28. Texxla

    De-lurking to say first of all, I love reading your blog, you are HI-larious and you even make me cry, so there!
    OMG I absolutely love 30DS!!! This is the first dvd that i have owned that I really see results and FAST! Please don’t give up on her, do some additional stretching before and after if you need to and do what you CAN, you don’t have to keep up with them at first.
    And wait til the walking push-ups on Level 2!!! Evil, pure evil! Oh and the plank jacks! I
    I love when she says “I want you to feel like you are going to DIE!”
    But I look dayuum good in my bikini so thanks Jilliam!

  29. margalit

    I am convinced a cabal of knee surgeons paid Jullian to make this video so they could have really good business. That is just horrible on the joints.
    HATE HATE HATE too. Even in water, with old ladies, at the JCC. I hated it.

  30. geeky

    LOL! I don’t know anything about the 30 day shred, but I do know that you are adorable and now I want to walk around the rest of the day singing “HAAAAAAAATED it!”

  31. Kristin

    Your video made me laugh, and I wanted to chime in and say that you can totally do this. I read your entry from yesterday and you’re WAY more an athlete than I am, so I know you can do the Shred. For me, the first 3-4 workouts were really tough and then it became bearable (even easy, though that part took a few weeks). And you might try skipping the jumping jacks in favor of punches if your knees are complaining too much.

  32. Kris

    I’m sensing a theme here among those who say they have done the 30-day shred.
    1) they hated it, but stuck with it anyway.
    2) they saw results – sometimes big results.
    3) they gained all the weight back by not keeping up with the shred.
    I can assume that they’re doing *something* other than the shred, but it’s like weightlifting. if you stop lifting that much weight, and stop challenging yourself, you will gain and go flabby. Plain and simple. (Why do you think Arnie Schwarzeneggar no longer looks so buff?)
    Our bodies hate us. (And we hate them back. So there.)
    Will never, ever do the shred. I’d rather find something else to do to get myself going that’s fun…like Wii.

  33. Elizabeth

    I’m so glad I watched your review and read all the comments. I’ve thought about buying 30 day shred, now I’m glad I didn’t. Loved your “hated it!” Brought back fond “In Living Color” memories πŸ™‚

  34. Christine

    it hurts at 135 lbs, too. HURTS. like hurts and I pulled my effing groin and I AM NEVER DOING IT AGAIN! signing up for the gym again. sorry, Jillian Michaels, but no.

  35. DeeDee

    Do you have a Wii? I got the new Active from EA Sports and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I should seriously be on these fuckers payroll for all the praise I’ve been spreading around about it.
    This is a personal trainer in a box. You can set the intensity of your workout and whether or not you want to do everything they have checked for you. It’s fun and I’ve never sweat that much or burned that many calories in under 20 minutes! If you have or have tried Wii Fit then you should know that this blows Wii Fit out of the water. Google it.
    Oh and WAY TO GO!! on being six pounds lighter. It’s so awesome to see results. Just don’t kick it up too hard you’ll burn out! Good luck and I love your writing style!

  36. texxla

    I don’t understand all the comments from people injuring themselves doing Jillian Michaels…..unless you have bad knees to being with, in which case you should lay off the lunges anyway, if you are doing the exercises properly you should not be injuring yourself. Don’t blame it on Jillian, blame it on either your lack of experience, lack of preparation or your over-assertiveness by trying to do too much too soon.

  37. Elisa

    I hear you!! Damn, it DOES hurt to do jumping jacks when you are above 200 pounds. I’ve only managed to do the video one and half times so far. Good luck to us!

  38. Jules

    But did you LIKE it?
    And I don’t know about you Y-but I weigh a lot more than you and even when I did weigh 225-I didn’t want to hear from skinny beyotches about how good they look in their bikinis! But that’s just me. And yes-I am jealous! πŸ˜‰

  39. Amy

    The fact that you even tried Jillian’s Shred video made me think I wouldn’t like you. But after watching your review, yeah, I think we’d get along splendidly!

  40. Texxla

    The point is that sticking with something will yield results. Giving up because it’s difficult accomplishes nothing.

  41. Y

    I appreciate what you’re saying. But Jillian Michael’s DVD isn’t the ONLY exercise program. I would rather do something I enjoy then do something I hate just because it will give me quicker results.
    I never said I injured myself doing her dvd, I just didn’t like it. wasn’t for me, you know? a TON of my friends have done it (are doing it) and have had great results and enjoy it. πŸ™‚
    That said, I’m so happy it’s working for you!! It’s always great when you find something that gives you results. Congrats!!

  42. Marisa

    I got the Jillian Michaels wii fit game a few months ago, sold it a few days later. HORRIBLE.

  43. Texxla

    Y…my comments were directed more towards your other comments than towards you.
    I agree that you should find what is the best fit for you. One that yields results and at the same time is fun. My time is limited so JM is perfect for me. I’d love to be a runner but just can’t commit the time right now.
    Congrats on your recent success and I hope that it continues to motivate you.

  44. Allison

    my friend alexa is doing this. apparently it’s one hell of a work out and she was sore for days. she’s keeping up with it and after she’s done, I asked her to borrow it for 30 days, too.

  45. Los Angelista

    Oh you made me laugh, because I hate the video with a passion… but it freaking works! I’m alternating it with No More Trouble Zones every day this month… trying to give myself a break from running. And I sweat like a pig when I do it! Just keep at it and even if you don’t ever get past level 1, just being able to do that is a BIG accomplishment!

  46. Jenine

    Y – I don’t know if you look through older posts but I wanted to add a comment to you. I purchased and tried Jillian Michael’s 30DS too and didn’t care for it. I’m very out of shape and can’t do high impact moves but the thing that got me the most actually was the up/down/up/down/up/down – it messed with me a lot. I’m glad that I got it on an extreme sale. I might try it again at some point, but not right now.
    I’ve always struggled with my weight. I have had hypothyroidism since I was a child. So exercise is something that I should always do but I simply hate it. I hate the boredom. So I gave some tapes a try.
    The one I like the absolute best is Turbo Jam. Why? The instructor is very up beat without being a giggly twit. I just love Chalene. Her exercise buddies on the tape are real people. You can hear their yells and grunts as they’re exercising. Some even have lost quite a bit of weight on her program. There are a combination of genders and body types too. Helps me to see people that aren’t Barbies. The music is fun and so actually is the exercise. I can’t believe I said that, but yes, I actually have fun doing it. The moves are a combo of dance-type maneuvers and punches and kicks. And there are two people to follow (the two that lost 75 and 40 pounds, respectively) that do low impact throughout. Also, there are several routines on the discs. Some that are 20 minutes, and some that are 40 or 45 minutes. I typcially do the 45 minute cardio mix and follow it up with a 10 or 20 minute ab routine. What I love about the ab routine is that you can do the first 10 minutes of it and then stop. The first 10 minutes is ab work while STANDING! The second 10 minutes is on the floor. I love this and so far I’m only doing the first 10 minutes. And I’m seeing results. I’ve been doing the exercises 4-5 times a week and I can see my flab getting toned. Little by little.
    Anyhow, thought I’d make another exercise routine suggestion for you if you still can’t find something you like.
    All the best!

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