I was embarrassed to post this, but then I thought “It is what it is and I am who I am.”

My creation
(click HERE to enlarge. AS IF IT NEEDS ENLARGING. haha)
Last night I was scrolling through old photos. I came across one from my trip to NYC last year. I was immediately drawn to my belly– my very large NOT AT ALL pregnant belly.
I wondered if I still look that big.
So, I grabbed the shirt out of my closet and put it on. Then, I called The Middle Child into the room. He is my most trusted child when it comes to being Brutally, but Lovingly, Honest.
“Look at this picture.” I said. “Now, tell me, can you tell I’ve lost a little bit of weight?”
“Mom!” He said. “You can tell A LOT. Your belly doesn’t look anything like that anymore.”
So, I asked him to take a picture of me.
He was all “Pretend like you’re talking on the phone like you were in that picture.”
And so I did.
I guess he’s right. There is a difference. Not a huge difference, but enough of a loss to motivate me to Keep Doing What I’m Doing. And by that, I mean WORK OUT ALL OF THE EFFING TIME.
It’s working. That right there is proof that it is working.

63 thoughts on “I was embarrassed to post this, but then I thought “It is what it is and I am who I am.”

  1. Kellee

    Oh you can TOTALLY tell. That’s wonderful. You are such an inspiration. Keep up all of the very hard work, it is paying off big time! And that is a big difference, Y. You look great. 🙂 Great job!

  2. JenniferB

    You can totally tell! You are an inspiration to me — thanks for continuing to fight the fight and post the pictures. Yea, you!

  3. Jean

    That is a HUGE difference! before reading I looked at the three pictures and saw immediately the difference. That is all kinds of wonderful 🙂

  4. B

    Wow, this is great.
    Love your blog, your photos and your writing. You are such an inspiring person; as a woman and especially as a mother. Please never stop writing.

  5. margalit

    So happy for you! There IS a difference. My son is brutally honest too and so I can ask him “Is that person fatter than I am?” and he’ll always tell me the truth. The other day we were in a hospital and a woman joined us in the elevator. She was HUGE. Like she hadn’t seen a size 24 in a long long time. As soon as she got out, my son looked at me and said “She was MUCH fatter than you.”
    I’ve got him trained!

  6. wookie

    I can tell and I’m normally horrible about this kind of thing. Don’t ask me to notice if you’ve cut your hair though. I’m still probably not observant enough for that 🙂

  7. Brandy

    You can tell. Seriously! You’ve done great! And posting this today is just the kick in the pants I needed today to get moving because I’m feeling tired.

  8. Mary Kate

    Looks like a BIG difference to me. Keep it up. BTW, I bought JM’s 30-day Shred before I saw your review. Yikes. I start tomorrow.

  9. marjorie

    Oh yeah, there is a major difference. Your stomach is so much flatter now, and your arms are thinner too. You look great. BTW, I hate jumping jacks too. I hate exercise where my boobs are out of control.

  10. jessica

    you’re wrong… it IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE! you so give me hope.
    I just found out that starting next year, the Boy Scouts of America have put weight limits on certain activities. I need to lose at least 20 pounds before next summer or i will not be allowed to do all the activities when we go to summer camp! i’ve been trying to lose weight for 3 years and have yet to lose even ONE pound! i’m very upset.
    your photos just gave me hope. thank you!

  11. Lena

    I was all excited cuz I thought you got new curtains, but then I realized that’s the picture of the hotel. HAHAHA. I”m all “No WONDER she didn’t want my desk”.

  12. DeeDee

    Hell yeah! How awesome for you! I’ve decided the best way to tell if I’ve lost any weight is to just try on shit in my closet that I haven’t been able to button up in a long while. The scale doesn’t say at all what I want it to (fucker!) but the jeans don’t lie girl and in your case the shirt doesn’t either!!

  13. JaniceNW

    Hooray for you! I was asked by a demented little old man if I were pregnant last week. Tells you how complimentary my scrubs look on me. ARGH. You look marhvalous!

  14. Brandi

    You can absolutely tell a drastic difference and I am very proud of you. Sometimes it’s not all about the number (although the number changing HELPS!). Keep up the great work. I’m very proud of you!

  15. Leslie

    Wow! I can see a big difference! You should be so proud of yourself 🙂 Love that shirt too!

  16. Lottifish

    You look great, keep up the good work!
    (Can I be totally honest though? I’m a heavier girl…probably the size of you in the old picture and while I wish I wasn’t I try not to berate myself too much. When you talk about how terrible you looked in that picture etc. on here it makes me feel bad about myself.)

  17. Y

    I never want to write anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. And I’m sorry what I wrote did that.
    However, I didn’t say I looked horrible in that picture. I did say large and NOT pregnant, but those are just facts. (And, my son made the “wow, you look pregnant in that picture comment, which is why I said it.) I don’t see where I said I looked horrible or berated myself in any way though.

  18. Rachel

    Long time lurker coming out to tell you that there is a huge difference! Congrats on all your hard work, it’s definitely paying off.

  19. Jessie

    Dude you can TOTALLY tell a difference look how much smaller your arms are? I think you’re a doll either way, but way to go. This is an excellent accomplishment.

  20. zolofthair

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  21. Stephanie

    I decided to stop by a couple of the blogs I quit reading 2 years ago– yours and Dooce. I said, “I bet I know what they are up to without having read their blog in forever. Dooce is going to be talking about something that makes me want to vomit and Y is going to be whining about her weight.”
    Hahahahaaaa! Some things don’t change. Yep– Dooce is vomiting out something about mucous plugs and Y is still talking about fat.
    Goodbye again…

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