Happy Fathers Day. I’m sorry I called you an A-hole.

Lately, it seems I’m a constant disappointment to the people in my life.
Let’s take today for example. I called my Dad this morning, 20 minutes before his service started, to wish him a Happy Fathers Day and to tell him I wanted to come over after church to bring him his present. “All morning I thought you were going to surprise me and come to church… that’s all I wanted. That would have been the best present in the world.”
Guess who was still in their pajamas? And who had no intention on going to church?
I hung up with my Dad, feeling awful, knowing I had disappointed hm yet again. That is when my husband thought it would be a good time to remind me for the 15th time that I didn’t give my Grandma a card for her birthday. He kept going on and on about it until I got pissed off and fought back with anger and tears. “How many birthday cards did you give YOUR Grandma while she was alive?” (The answer? NONE.) He was quick to point out the only reason I said such an ugly thing was “out of guilt” and to try to make myself feel better.
I wanted to write a heartfelt post for my husband for Fathers Day, but it’s not easy to do when I’m hurt and angry with him. But no matter how I feel about him right this very moment, I must acknowledge what an incredible father he is to our children. He always put his children first and I’ve never once heard him complain about how hard he works every day of his life to make sure they’re taken care of. He’s patient, compassionate and creative. Our children love him deeply and they are aware of how lucky they are to have such a dedicated man as their father.
I wish I could do this morning all over again, but since I can’t, I’ll just say Happy Fathers Day, Tony. I still love you.
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7 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day. I’m sorry I called you an A-hole.

  1. Maria

    I’m sorry you argued and I hope you’ve patched things up already! 🙂
    That family portrait is AWESOME. Especially so because of the Lakers (WOOT!) jersey and the ‘pew pew!’ hand motions of your kick ass son.
    Happy Father’s Day Tony!

  2. Marcy

    It’s ok to be mad..
    Our rule is.. We can both be Jack Asses now and again…
    Just not at the same time..
    Hope his Father’s Day goes well…
    yours too : )

  3. Melody

    ((hugs)) Sounds kind of like our Mother’s Day! Nothing like sitting through church with puffy eyes and tears running down my face because I can’t just let it go. I hope your day has gotten better!!

  4. Lena

    Yvonne, this morning my mom took me to Target and bought me a dress and shoes to go to church with her this morning because I “forgot” to bring my clothes.
    This is why we have to stay together.

  5. EDW

    I LOVE that you published this, because this is real. This is why we blog, so we’re not alone. I have tears in my eyes – thank you for showing me that you’re not perfect, either. That it’s okay when this stuff happens, and that I’m not alone.

  6. Shelly

    Thank you for sharing this. It is great to see other people living through the crap that we and our parents put each other through. It is nice to know that we are not alone out there… and that the man we love dearly can also be the man that makes us curse.

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