My Babies Daddy

I regret publishing the previous post. I wish I had waited until we had kissed and made up. That way, I could have written something I was proud of. Sigh.
In any case, we ended up having a wonderful day with our children and really, that’s all that matters.
Fathers Day, 2009
Fathers Day, 2009
Fathers Day, 2009

24 thoughts on “My Babies Daddy

  1. Maria

    You two have such a beautiful family.
    Annnddd I feel like a stalker for commenting on these posts as soon as they showed in my reader. I swear it was a coincidence. I’m not stalking you.
    Not really.
    Happy Father’s Day!

  2. Leeann

    A good family fights, disappoints and argues
    but also loves, forgives and moves on.
    You sound like you have a damn good family then, Y.

  3. Renae

    You do have a beautiful family. I love reading your blog and wanted to say I am so glad to hear you had a wonderful Fathers Day. However, when you hubby acts up in the future, you can also propose what the woman in THIS video proposes to her husband – LOL. My husband would not be as calm as the guy in this video, that is for sure.

    So funny – this will make every mom’s day a little bit better!

  4. ChrisinNY

    I don’t think you should regret the previous post. You stood up for yourself when you believed you were being unfairly criticized. Standing up for yourself is important behavior to model for your children. Maybe you wish you had done it a different way- but no one is perfect.

  5. Baby Favorite

    But that’s what we love about you, Y — your ability to be real. We all KNOW you adore your husband! The fact is, you’re brave enough to share both the highs and the lows, which is something every relationship has no matter how much the people involved are in love. The difference is, not everyone has the courage to be real.

  6. Bill

    Like Maria, I kind of feel like a stalker – I didn’t comment, but I read it in Reader. I loved that post, and love this one too. Honest posts are always the best.
    Plus, you’re a heck of a photographer…

  7. the new girl

    I like both these posts. And the pictures. I can’t get over how each of your kids is a different combination of you and your husband, looks-wise.
    You are all beautiful.

  8. lani

    Beautiful pictures. Happy Father’s Day, Tony. And Y? I totally understand those feelings, but at the same time… it’s ok to be real. Preaching to the choir. I know. Hugs.

  9. Tammy

    Y, you need a wireless remote so you can be in the family pictures too. I just got one that works great and it was very inexpensive!

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