I not fat, I’m energy deficient.

My daughter has started questioning the fact that men can just walk around with their shirts off.
She’s not a big fan of The Naked Man Chest. Every time she sees a man jogging without a shirt, she’ll say something like “Mom, that man needs to put his shirt back on! It’s so gross!”
Tonight, while out for an evening walk, she saw a man running without a shirt. I must admit, this man’s chest was MADE for running without a shirt. Because HELLO CHISELED ABS. Whoa, got a little distracted there. What was I talking about? Oh, yes, my daughter and her disgust of shirtless men.
“Mom! Do you see that man running?”
Trying to pretend like I hadn’t noticed him before she pointed him out, I was all “Man? What man? Oh! now I see him!”
“He doesn’t have a shirt on!” She said.
Seeing an opportunity to tease G a bit, my husband jumped in on the conversation before I had a chance to reply.
“I think I’ll take MY shirt off, just like that man.”
“Dad.” She replied, all desperate like. “PLEASE! Don’t take your shirt off! Your chest needs more energy before you can let people see it.”
We both fell down dead from laughter right there.
She said “More Energy” you guys.
She’s the best.

43 thoughts on “I not fat, I’m energy deficient.

  1. Amanda

    Oh dear god. I am going to use that when my husband comes home…I’m sorry honey your chest needs more energy”. Cue me dying laughing.

  2. patois

    I LOVE her! LOVE!
    My son also shrinks back in disgust when he sees a man without a shirt on out in public. (Of course, since the triple bypass 1.5 years ago, my husband hasn’t been shirtless around the kids. I thought it was lack of “exposure.”)

  3. ali

    I, too, am not a fan of the NAKED MAN CHEST. especially when it is super hairy and is running down the street. EW.

  4. Michelle

    I have to agree with your daughter, naked man
    chest is usually disgusting. I walked past an old-ish man yesterday who was jogging without a shirt and
    was totally grossed out by the hairy, bouncing, man

  5. ajnabi

    Trying to pretend like I hadn’t noticed him before she pointed him out, I was all “Man? What man? Oh! now I see him!”
    BWAHAHAHA That’s so great! “What guy with CHISELED ABS running shirtless down the street? I close my eyes to such impurities!”
    Your girl is awesome. Clearly she has a future in diplomacy.

  6. Kay

    I had an intelligent comment towards the beginning of the post, but got distracted by the chiseled abs. And then I couldn’t stop laughing at the “more energy” line.

  7. daniel

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of that “phenomenon” myself, and really try to keep my own shirt on. Then again, if I looked like an underwear model with ripped abs and a chiseled face I might thihnk the opposite.

  8. jessica b

    HAHAHA, i truly did laugh out loud!! that was too funny. she was so PC about it!! and i agree with a few others up there… after Tony’s chest is finished getting enough energy, please send some this way for my boobs… and my thighs… and my stomach… and my… oh you get the idea!

  9. melissa

    I LOVE this and while I am in process of losing weight (or trying to some days more than others)I am going to remind myself of this! Every time my daughter see’s a man w/out a shirt she says,”look mommy he is naked” now I have an even better answer for her.

  10. Melissa

    I love it! I’ve been so down on myself (big thryoid induced crappy body), but little did I know, I was just energy deficient-LOL!

  11. Shylah

    That’s hilarious! Reminds me of something my 7yo said recently while trying to convince me she needed some candy. “My candy cholesterol is wayyy too low, mom. And my healthy cholesterol is really high.”

  12. ElizabethSheryl

    Love it. She is so hilarious, and I’m glad that we’ve seen her singing the alphabet and things like that to know how super SERIOUS she is about things, too. I can just imagine how emphatic she was about how he just could NOT do that.

  13. anon

    Still, it would be nice if she were a little less critical about such things, and understood that everyone has the right to be comfortable in their skin regardless of how much “energy” they do or do not have.

  14. baseballmom

    hahaha-I’m with Gabby-I hate man boobs. Once, my kids were swimming with my stepdad, and my mom was trying to take a picture, but Alex wouldn’t get closer because my stepdad had ‘too much hair on his boobs’. I about died.

  15. kris

    Bwahahaha! I *clearly* need “more energy” too. Wondering if it’s available for purchase in a version for thighs and ass. Will check Costco.

  16. Jenn

    Oh my God, how did I miss this the day you posted it? Definitely one of the absolute funniest things I’ve ever heard.
    From the mouths of babes.

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