The Finalist

One of my favorite episodes of The Office is the one where they play basketball in the warehouse. Do you know which episode I’m talking about? Yes? Okay. So, you know how Michael assumes Stanley is going to be really good? Because he’s black? But then Stanley gets the ball and he totally sucks and Michael is all “are you KIDDING ME?”
Tonight E played in his very first drum competition. There were 4 different divisions. In the last division (teens) There was a girl there who looked like a rocker. Big, spiked hair, ripped jeans, concert t-shirt. One look at her and I was all “She is gonna TEAR THAT SHIT UP.”
Then, she got on the drums.
I could not believe what happened.
She hit one drum at a time.
Dum. Dum. Dum.
Then again.
Dum. Dum. Dum.
Then again.
Dum. Dum. Dum.
I took out my phone and texted The Teenager who was standing right next to me. “I totally did a Michael Scott. I thought she was going to kick ass.”
“So did I.” he wrote back. And we both tried really hard not to laugh because, while there was nothing funny about what she was doing on the drums. (dum. dum. dum.) It was funny that we assumed she’d be all kinds of drum awesome because of how she looked.
Never judge a drummer by her hair! EVER!
What I REALLY wanted you to know is that my son made it to finals.
But so did the other 3 boys in his division, so that kind of sucked in that I couldn’t be all “IN YOUR FACE, OTHER DRUMMERS.” But, still. FINALS! We’re all very excited and proud. It was his first every competition and he did awesome. (Says his Mom.)
Next weekend.
I predict he wins.

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  1. Jennifer

    Wow, Y! I’m no music expert, but he sounds great to me!! Color me impressed! I even found myself bebopping along, so that’s gotta be a good sign.
    Good luck in the Finals, E! WTG!

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