I’m Pretty Sure She Meant “Twitter.”

Scene: My daughter is sitting at the kitchen table. I’m standing over here, answering a question.
She farts. LOUDLY.
“What do you say?” I ask.
“Excuse me.” She says, while giggling a little.
A few seconds later, a horrific smell fills the atmosphere.
“Goodness, little girl.” I say, while plugging my nose.
I walk away to clear the nasal passage.
“Mom!” she says, all excitedly.
“You have GOT to put that on YouTube.”
I start laughing because I’m pretty sure my daughter just told me that I should upload her fart to YouTube.
“I’m SERIOUS, Mom. put it on YouTube.”
After I stop laughing, I ask her “what do you want me to put on YouTube?” And she goes “about my fart. And send it to your friends. They will think it’s hilarious.”
No doubt, she is a child of a “digital mom.”

12 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure She Meant “Twitter.”

  1. JenniferB

    That is so funny — the part about her wanting you to publish it! Awesome kid — I can’t wait until she is writing “Joy Jr” on the web. 😉

  2. Dalia

    Too funny! Definitely a child of the new world! Would you have ever thought of broadcasting something like that as a kid?! Hilarious.

  3. Jessi

    Lmao!! She’s definitely a mommy blogger’s/tweeter’s daughter, huh? And while she finds it hilarious now, I wonder what she’ll think in 10 years about you announcing it to the world.

  4. Jessica

    Okay, that is just great…coming from a mom of three boys I hear about boy farts a lot, so a girl fart makes me giggle…oh, and my boys do the same thing…”Mom, take a picture of X and put it on Facebook for Grandpa to see.” Or, “Are you going to blog about this?”
    It’s a new day and age my friends.

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