Oh, Yes I did

This is Me and My Dress Having Fun in Houston
I am totally impressed with myself, balancing in heels like that.
Also? Totally proud of myself for putting aside my insecurities about my body to wear something pretty and to have a good time.
Embrace the body you have now, ladies. If you’re not happy with the way you look and you want to lose weight, then do it. BUT! DO NOT STOP LIVING in the mean time. You deserve to enjoy your life whether you’re 110 pounds or 300 pounds.
Life is good. And life is short. Don’t waste a minute of it.

49 thoughts on “Oh, Yes I did

  1. Lindy

    First let me say that you look fabulous! Secondly HOW BRAVE ARE YOU?!?!?!! I don’t care what size I am I’d never even try vertical stripes. You manage to pull it off!

  2. AmazingGreis

    Words to live by…
    You look fab in the dress. Hope you’re having a good time here in Houston. I live in the same city as a conference and I’m not there, so bummed!

  3. Rae

    Wow… look at gorgeous curvey YOU!!! I’d KILL for those kind of curves!! Right now, I’m just sort of the everywhere-lumpy-type!

  4. Deb on the Rocks

    Very cute! Now, I don’t want to alarm you–and it’s probably too late anyway–but there appears to be a ghost in Kristen’s hand. May want to ask housekeeping to do a sweep before bathtime, just in case.

  5. schoolofmom

    Y, you’re awesome. It’s so so cool reading your morphing perceptions about your body and yourself and yourself in your body… Mostly because I’m on the same journey myself. You just express it a lot better. 🙂

  6. Jan Ross

    You look FABULOUS – the little black cami is perfect under your dress. You are so right – I am working on losing 50 pounds, but I am enjoying my life in the meantime!

  7. Cheryl H.

    Love your dress ~ looks awesome on you. Your words are so true and I am trying to live them, too. Thanks.
    I can see the weight loss! Keep up the great work. I am truly inspired by you.

  8. Julianna

    Love it all!
    The dress, the bod, the fun. At one hundred cough cough pounds and a size that starts with a 1 myself, I’m finally starting to accept, nay, even appreciate my curves and little imperfections. The models are about 1% of the population. The average woman is a size 14 at 5 foot 4. I am trying to be healthier, not skinnier, and for the first time in, oh, forever, that focus has yielded a 25 lb loss in about 3 months which is huge for me.

  9. Stacie

    One of your best posts evahhhh!!! LOVE YOU! You inspire me to live life to the fullest even though I may not be a size 2 or even a size 12. 🙂

  10. Erin

    I have read about you missing out on things for SO LONG because you were unhappy with you – it’s so nice to see you realize that fun is fun no matter what you look like. Fun is about you!

  11. Alice

    It’s interesting, b/c I saw this post in my reader before the previous one, and before reading the comments, my first thought was ‘damn, Y looks HOT in that dress’. To find that it almost didn’t happen? Shocking, and I’m glad you listened to teh interwebz. When you remove the trollish assholes, it’s a surprisingly smart place.
    Anyway, WORD to the post itself. One of the things my partner has started doing, which I respect a lot, is that when people compliment him on his weight loss, he points out that they’re disparaging how he looked before. He liked how he looked then, and doesn’t want to bash how he looked just because he fits society’s mold a little more comfortably now.

  12. Cold Coffee Mom

    You look so great! I just bought this boring, conservative dress to cover my post-baby, jiggly tummy, but after reading this I wish I got something to show off my currently-breastfeeding (never gonna look like this again) enhancements. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Christine

    Y! You’re crazy! You look stunning in that dress. Whatever lumps you are seeing aren’t there to the rest of us. We just see one hot mama.

  14. Stephanie

    I think you’re gorgeous! We should all take your advice. Thanks for the reminder! And, I love the dress!

  15. Patty M.

    So freaking true…I am a very big lady…but I love the way I look when I dress nicely and I love buying clothes that make my body feel good….and I rarely stress over my weight and my looks although I do stress over my weight and my health.

  16. anne

    You are totally gorgeous. So glad you got that dress! And definitely a good reminder about life and bodies and such. Thank you for that.

  17. Alicia

    You look GREAT and the happy face is the best part. People of EVERY size deserve to be happy! It is not an indication of worth or even beauty. Love reading your posts..

  18. Kate

    You look WONDERFUL! You are giving me motivation to get off my lazy ass and start exercising! I love your blog! You have a beautiful family!

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