Coming Home is the Best Part

“You know what, Mom?” She asked. “I just love you very much. You’re the best Mom in the world.”
I wanted to hug her so hard. But I was in a hotel room in another state. So, instead, I cried.
“I love you right back.” I replied. “And you’re the best daughter in the world.”
She giggled.
“I can not wait to see you tonight.” I added.
“Me too, Mommy! I’m so excited!”
Later that evening, I stood outside the ever busy LAX, watching out for our minivan.
I wanted to catch her reaction the moment she saw me open the van door, so I took my camera out of my camera bag and put it around my neck.
I saw the van pulling up.
I saw my husband pointing while saying something to her. I imagine he was saying “There she is. There’s your Mama!”
He pulled up to the curb, I walked around to pop open the back hatch. I held the camera up to my eye with one hand and opened up the door with my other.
I heard her scream. It was a happy scream.
I snapped a shot.
“My daughter! My sweet daughter!”
I climbed into the backseat and wrapped my arms around her. She squeezed me tightly. We both had happy tears in our eyes.
Only gone for 4 days, but it felt like 100.
“Mommy? Will you play a game with me when we get home?”
“I’m so tired, but I promise you, first thing in the morning, we will play whatever game you want.”
And first thing in the morning, she informed me she would like to play “make over with mommy’s makeup.”
I put make up on her sweet little face. We talked about the things she did while I was gone. I told her about my trip. She told me she missed me every night. I told her I missed her every minute of every day. She asked if she could wear my special necklace.
“Of course you can, darling.”

.admiring mama's jewelery.

I love traveling to spend time with women I admire. The experiences that I have on those trips almost always help me to grow as a person, to become a better mother. I love a little alone time away from the realities of life. But make no mistake about it. I love coming home to my family 1000 times more.

13 thoughts on “Coming Home is the Best Part

  1. mommabird2345

    I love my kids. At times they drive me crazy & I need a break, but I miss them the entire time I’m gone and can’t wait to get home. It is wonderful to be home. 🙂

  2. Tricia

    Such a heart-warming post. I loved it! And it make me long for a daughter! You’re an awesome photographer, by the way. I’m truly embarrassed at my total lack of photography skills, as well as my lack of picture taking in regards to my son. You make me want to snap those pics, and somehow try to ensure the conception of a little girl 🙂

  3. Laney

    Long time reader, first time commenting.
    First, your daughter is just beautiful! I have 3 boys, I am constantly surrounded by testosterone and farts so I live vicariously through mos of little girls.
    Second, you look absolutely amazing! You are an inspiration to women and should be applauded for yur honesty!
    I love your blog. 🙂

  4. Kim

    Sorry this comment is late, just wanted to let you know I loved this post and thought the sentiment was so beautifully captured in your words and pictures. It’s funny how sometimes I can’t wait to have some time away from the kids, but within minutes of leaving they are all I can think about and I don’t feel complete till we’re all together again.

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