Slowly But Surely But Saggily

The last time that I posted about my weight loss progress was on February 3rd.
I had lost 42 pounds and weighed 195 pounds.
Today, almost 2 months later, I weigh 188 pounds.
49 pounds, gone.
1 pound away from 50.
If you’ve followed my story, you know why it’s a B.F.D (thank you for that, Joe Biden!) that I’ve been able to lose almost 50 pounds.
The best part of losing 49 pounds has been how much better I feel every minute of every day. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. In The Sack-ually.
The worst part about losing 49 pounds has been The Sag.
It’s bad.
Everything is sagging. My skin. My face. MY BOOBS.
The other day, my daughter caught a glimpse of Naked Me as I was getting ready to get in the shower.
“Eww.” She said. “Your boobs. Why are the pointing *down*?”
I try not to dwell on The Sag. I try to dwell on the fact I’m decreasing my chances of getting diabetes, that my blood pressure is now normal, that my knees no longer hurt when I walk, that I don’t get winded doing the simplest things.
I am 1 pound away from a HUGE weight loss milestone. That means so much more to me than perky tits.
What 188 pounds looks like.
(before and progress photos here)

58 thoughts on “Slowly But Surely But Saggily

  1. Heather

    Eh, that’s what a good bra is for. Here’s to living long enough to tease Gabby that she’s so old HER boobs are sagging 😛

  2. angelynn

    You look amazing, congratulations!!! I went back and read your post about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. That must have been so incredibly frustrating. Thank you for posting all of the information about it. It’s very helpful. I know how hard it can be without a thyroid problem. I’ve been working on it myself. I was at 226 last December and I’m at 206 now. I’ll weigh in again Friday to see how this week went. I wish you continued success. You are doing a great job, keep it up!

  3. Cheryl H.

    You look HEALTHIER and absolutely gorgeous. Keep up the great work. You are proof that no matter what the challenge it can be done.
    You inspired me!!!!!

  4. Jennifer

    Okay Y, for all of your supporters here.. you need to post what you eat and what kind of exercise you do every day so you can help us? OKay!!?? Pretty please with a cherry on top? Hey, at least its fruit…

  5. Fiona

    Y, you are amazing, I am in awe. I’ve just started a huge weight-loss regime, unfortunately it took being diagnosed with Diabetes 2 to kick my own ass in to gear!
    A pound a week so far, for the past 3 months, and still being strong….you give me so much inspiration. Thank you for you!
    P.S. At 51 my boobies have been south-facing for years already 😉

  6. RoseC

    You look AMAZING! When I read about your weight loss, I’m inspired both by your progress and the struggles you encounter and overcome along the way. It makes me want to take better care of myself and head back to the gym! Keep it up! And thank you for always being so transparent. You make this whole journey real and easy to relate to. YAY, you!

  7. Tricia

    GOOD FOR YOU! That is an amazing accomplishment and you should be flaunting your stuff every single day, you hot mama! It’s so very difficult to actually lose weight, and the right way. You’re such an incredible example to others that want or need to get fit. And as far as the sag goes, we’ve all got sag, honey. My lady mounds look like flappy, saggy torpedos. No joke. Keep feeling good about yourself; you deserve this.

  8. Boston Mamas

    Dude, you are amazing. You look beautiful and the thing is, everyone’s gonna be sagging at some point or other. It’s just that these candid kids of ours are the ones who are quick to point it out. xo

  9. Amy

    Y – I lost 125 pounds a few years ago and am maintaining that loss. I’m here to tell you that the sag gets a little better as time goes on. My boobs still need major help, though. But the sag on other parts of my body is much better today than it was!
    Congrats on the weight loss and I’m so glad you’re feeling better!

  10. MissyK

    Woohoo! Way to go. You look great. Have been reading you for about a year now & I really look forward to your posts. So much you went through & still go through sounds so much like me.
    I really need to get motivation & kick my own butt into gear. Doesn’t help when your Dr looks at you & tells you she has no clue what is wrong with you when you real off all the “issues” going on. I know…I need to find another Dr. :

  11. Missy

    I only “know” you from your blog, but I’m so happy for you, I’m grinning ear to ear! That’s awesome. You look SO GOOD. As for the sag – skin elasticity will return over time – maybe not 100%, but a lot. It just takes some time; be patient and see if you have improvement in a few months. You’ve done so well, gf. Go get yourself a pedicure.

  12. Michelle

    You look fab! Don’t worry about the sagging, that’s what good support garments are for.

  13. jessica

    You look fantastic!! I am in awe of how hard you have worked to get there. Amazing 🙂

  14. Jessica

    OMG!!! I am so with you!!!!
    I am down to 188, from 222… I have PCOS and MS (and the meds make you gain weight and my biggest symptom is fatigue).
    I stopped breastfeeding my daughter in January… went from a L to HH cup, and yeah… OMG it’s bad, plus I had all 3 of my kids via c-section, so I have (OMG, I can hardly say it – the apron stomach).
    I am going to try to get my insurance to pay for “reconstructive surgery” because of all the back pain and the loose skin from the weight loss (ehm, tummy tuck and breast reduction/lift). When the weight is all off… let me tell you a new pair of boobs is sometimes the more powerful motivator than health! ha
    I am so proud or our perseverance. You inspired me, you truly did.
    I know we are just your blog stalkers, but I cry with you and laugh with you. I tell my husband “Oh honey, come see what Y has said”. My heart broke when you wrote about feeling bad about being just a mom, then it broke more because I finished college have a great job and make good money… but I could not stay home and mother my children. Not only because I have to go out and earn the money, but because I do not have the temberment to be home with them full time, and at times I feel like a failure as a mom because as much as I love them, I couldn’t spend that much time around them. My heart sang for you when you found out the “diagnosis” because I know first hand what it is like to cry because something is wrong, but without a name you cannot truly fight it.
    We love you Y!

  15. Maggie

    Amazing. What else can I say? You look amazing! Keep it up, there are so many people behind you right now!!

  16. Min

    You look awesome =) and you are such an inspiration. I look up to you and hope to have the same success one day. As a matter of a fact, I think I’ll start blogging about the whole weight loss journey myself. Maybe keeping better track of it will help me appreciate any progress (even if it’s small.)
    Thanks for posting by the way. It’s such a motivation to see someone else succeed.

  17. Laura McCammon

    You look fantastic! You are doing such a great job. I am pregnant with my third baby, regularly gain a ton of weight, and the last time we found out I had thyroid cancer. After I had it taken out and was put on meds I was never able to get back down below 145lbs, (before my daughter I weighed in at 115lbs). You will be a huge inspiration to make me lose it after this little one is born. Congrats and keep up the great work!!!

  18. Azul

    Go, Y! You look fabulous. I’m only about 12 pounds in, but I’m hoping to lose 40-50 more this year. And then? It’s a reduction and lift for me.

  19. Jessica

    You look wonderful! Don’t worry about the sag. I don’t even see it.
    And what Heather (first post) said. If you’re worried about the boobage sagging, a fantastic bra goes a long ways. 🙂
    Gosh, I can’t wait to see 188 pounds. Rock on, lady.

  20. Andrea

    Girlfriend, you Rock. You look awesome, and be SO DAMN PROUD of what you are doing (and have done) for your health and your family!
    And sagging boobs? puh-lease. Mine are always checking out my shoes, and I can’t even blame it on weight changes! Go Underwire! 🙂

  21. LauraC

    You are Freaking Awesome. Good work!
    Things sagged a lot more after having twins so I went to Nordstrom to have a professional bra fitting. HUGE difference!

  22. Jessica

    Hot hot hot hot hot hot HOTTTTTTTTTTT! I keep giving my computer screen slaps in a pathetic attempt to high five you!

  23. anne nahm

    a) you look beautiful.
    b) having lost some weight lately myself, I can tell you that I have sag, and it is so damn depressing that it nearly invalidates the weight loss (for me). I think I just traded looking fat for looking old. Like Crypt Keeper Old and then I cry into what that 90210 Doc calls ‘ the skin apron’ with his air quotes that make me want to smack him.
    Anyway, what I started to say was that you have to give that skin some time. Like a year. Give it at least that much time to readjust to your new weight. What has also moved me to tears is how my body is able to recover from what I have done to it.
    So proud of you!!

  24. Jen @ lifelove'n'wine

    My god you look gorgeous. I am so proud of you for your determination and strength. I know that this is a tough road for you, that there have been many ups and downs and many smiles and tears. I’m cheering you on, you’re amazing!

  25. jadine

    Excellent job, girlie! I weighed 196 when you posted you were 195ish…and I still weigh that. I’m short and small boned, so that’s a lot of weight for me (especially since I have no boobage). I guess I should stop eating cheese, and use the tread-mill for its intended purpose (and not as a clothes-rack). Bah.

  26. Jenn

    Dude, my boobs are saggy and it’s not from weight loss or age or hugeness (I’m only 33 and a B cup), they just ARE. That’s what bras are for. You go with your weight-losing self!!!

  27. mommabird2345

    WOW! You said you are 1 pound away from a weightloss milestone, but 49 pounds IS a milestone. It’s 49 of those “1 more” pounds. I know it is not a round number, but it is AMAZING!! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  28. sarah

    Congratulations! You look awesome!
    I’ve had (and nursed a year each) two kids. I am at the same weight I was before them, so no transformation in any way. And still, the boobs point down. That is just how it goes.

  29. Heather B.

    (None of this is being said as your friend)
    I know I said this already but you look a-fucking-mazing. Not to mention that you are someone I look up to and aspire to in my own weight loss journey. Thank you.

  30. Denise

    that is flippin incredible! I’m seriously wicked impressed. And kind of like thinking maybe it’s time that I do something about the 35 pounds I want to lose. If you can do it in the face of Hashimoto (sp?) I guess I have no excuse.

  31. APeetsMom

    You are ROCKIN IT! GO Y!!! GO! SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU! The hell with the boobs – mine are also NOT perky – children will do that to you…it’s much more important that you have your health and your MENTAL YAHOO back!!! Super Fantastic. Life is good.

  32. lani

    You look AWESOME, Y! But I hear you about “the sag”. Fight my own negative feelings about this daily. Just remember. You are amazing.

  33. norm

    Fantastic. If you feel great to go along with the looking great (and you are looking great), well, that’s a grand slam.

  34. mary

    I think you look HOT!
    no I’m not a stalker, just a fellow weight loss survivor. You rock.

  35. sam {temptingmama}

    *hugs* You look FABULOUS, Y.
    Your boobs point down. *snort* DOOD. I know.
    (Well, not that yours point down because I’m sure they’re not pointing DOOOWWN. Ah shuddup, Sam.)

  36. Kellee

    You look amazing. This inspires me, Y. By the time I turned 28, I had lost 80 pounds. I had sag baaaaaad. EVERYWHERE. I even regained 30 pounds so that I could relose them, slower, to see if that helped. That is how much I hate this sag. But you look amazing. I need to keep your frame of mind.

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