I Blinked and This Happened

I blinked and THIS HAPPENED
Today The Boy Who Made Me a Mother took his senior portraits.
I was feeling emotional about it, but managed to make it through my morning without shedding a single tear.
He decided he wanted a haircut 2 hours before his appointment. I dropped everything I was doing and ran him down to the barber shop. I sat in the chair as he told the woman what kind of cut he wanted. As he sat there, I admired him from the torn up bench in the waiting area. “What a handsome young man he’s turned out to be!” ! I thought.
I allowed my eyes to wonder around the room a bit and that is when I noticed the little boy. He couldn’t have been more than a year old. His mother sat in the chair with him and held him tightly as the barber carefully cut his hair. He was fussing and his mom was doing everything in her power to help him cooperate.
And that, my friends, is when I lost it.
I started to cry, right there in that old, dirty little barber shop.
Because I remember holding my first baby while he got his hair cut. I remember telling him it was going to be okay while his daddy jumped up and down to try to distract him from the clippers.
I remember those moments like they were yesterday. But they weren’t yesterday. They were years and years ago. And now, that boy I once held in my arms is facing adulthood in just a few short months.
Today, while that mother held her son tightly, I sat across the room, ever aware of how much it will pain her heart to release the tight grip and let that baby go.

43 thoughts on “I Blinked and This Happened

  1. Kerry

    Aww, how emotional! I don’t have children yet, and I’m already sad about seeing my hypothetical kids grow up and apart from me. He really is a handsome young man. Beautiful post.

  2. Gemini-Girl

    what a beautiful post … you remind me to hold my ladies a little tighter and try to enjoy their toddler years instead of praying i could press the fast forward button.. he is a handsome young man!

  3. TinaP

    Reading your post made me cry, right now I am that mother holding tight to the one year old….I am already dreading the day I have to let him go….

  4. Jenn

    Such a sweet post Y. I actually can’t even believe he’s taking senior portraits. I’ve been reading your blog for years… I feel like he just started high school??? Yikes.

  5. Laura Taff

    Oh what a great before and after. I love the toddler photo, he just looks like a bundle of sunshine. Now he’s all grown up and still a handsome young man. Great post!

  6. kdiddy

    Dude, I’m barely holding it together because my son is going into third grade. I’m going to have to be sedated during his senior portraits.

  7. Leeann

    OMG!! Sob sob sob!!
    Gorgeous kid, gorgeous post.
    My daughter is fifteen and I already feel that tug and sorrow that you describe. I am so excited with each step away she takes but so very sorry as well!

  8. Ash

    Thanks for making me cry first thing in the morning! LOL I have a two year old that I am holding onto with everything I have. Reading this reminded me of how I will have to let him go one day. It breaks my heart! I want him to be “mommy’s little boy” for the rest of his life. They grow up so fast!

  9. lani

    Oh Y, this made me cry, cry, cry. I am having visions of my boys all grown up. It’s going so fast and I don’t know how to slow it down. Hugs to you as you face this milestone. And I can’t help but think… look at what a good job you did with this young man. He is lovely. Just lovely.

  10. Audra

    Oh Jesus. I have a little 9 month old son and think about these things too much already. Not kidding when I say that I have teared up at my desk. I don’t think I will make it to this point!

  11. eli

    He is a testament to your husband’s and your love — he is so handsome, and you should be proud and bawling! Awww – I have a 14 yo – and my youngest is 2…life with kids IS amazing, and indeed does pass SO quickly. Congratulations and blessings to the graduate and family!!!

  12. Vickie

    Thanks. Now IM a mess. (sob)
    (I remember warning you about this — how it was going to hurt when they were leaving)

  13. Cristie

    As always you remind me what’s important. So I will log off and take my babies to the beach, where they still want me to play with them. For it won’t be long ’till I feel the way you do.

  14. MissyK

    He is such a handsome young man. And I know just how you feel. My youngest just graduated on June 1st. I did good with the portraits, prom & stuff. THEN at graduation he walked through the door to the auditorium in his cap & gown & I just lost it! I was done for the rest of the night.

  15. heather

    And now I’m crying in my cube. Thank you! What a handsome young man. Love your writing.

  16. Rebecca Grace

    I can’t even see, I’m squinting at the monitor through a blur of tears… my oldest is 9 and I was up after midnight last night, looking at the baby pictures and wondering where it all went…

  17. Jill

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who gets all weepy at times like these. My oldest started college last fall. The day we moved her into the dorms and had to walk away and leave her there was so hard. I cried all the way home. This year my oldest son will graduate and I already feel the tears building. How does the time get past us so fast?!
    Your son is a great looking kid! Good luck to him in his senior year.

  18. Jerseygirl

    What a handsome young man. I would have lost it too.
    I am so not ready for any of this. I’m terrified about my daughter going to kindergarten!

  19. Wacky Mommy

    ps i went and scooped up my 8 year old after I read this and carried him around for awhile. because i still can, for just a little bit longer.

  20. Kellee

    Oh god, don’t get me started! I just finished my post about having to drive my sister (ten years younger than me) to the airport this morning as she heads off to college. *bawl*

  21. Maggie

    I had a similar thing happen to me on an airplane of all places. Watching a couple with 2 young boys in the row ahead pulling out the stuffed animals, snacks, etc. brought the memories of my 2 boys at that age, and trying to keep them peacefully occupied, flooding back. When the dad started quietly reading to them, I lost it and the tears flowed.

  22. barbara

    My first GRANDson graduated in May! (how in the world does THAT happen???) and I distinctly remember his first haircut. It took his mama (my eldest), his daddy, his auntie, his paw-paw and me to get him (and us) through that.
    Thanks for the memories and thanks for sharing your boyo. Congrats all around. 🙂

  23. Kathy

    Watching your boys grow up has made me hyper aware of my own son’s rapid maturity. Sure he is only 4 still but every day, he grows a little more and gets farther and farther away from my lap and my grasp.
    I try not to think about the day he gets his senior photos taken. It’s too painfully close for me.

  24. mommabird2345

    You totally made me cry.
    He looks so grown up in that picture. Of course he is a wonderful young man, look at his parents. 🙂

  25. Elizabeth

    Goodness, he is a handsome young man! In two months I’ll be walking Kaitlyn into preschool and then LEAVING HER THERE, and even though I’ve done that two other times, the fact that she’s my BABY makes it that much harder.

  26. Shelly

    I can totally relate! My “baby” just finished her first year of college and it was a long year for me with her away.

  27. Denise

    I don’t have kids yet, and this entry made ME cry!! Well done and sending hugs! He’ll ALWAYS be your little boy. Always.

  28. Jackie Hall

    Girl I feel your pain. Mine went through that last year. Now he will be off to college Aug. 19th.
    Here is hoping his Sr. year will be one of the best years of his life up to this point.
    Hang in there mom you will get through it.

  29. Cindy

    I just finished my post about having to drive my sister (ten years younger than me) to the airport this morning as she heads off to college. anyway thanx for the share.

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