I Think We May Need to Start a Prayer Chain Now

I was in the bedroom, getting ready to take the kids to school when she called for me.
“Mommy!” She shouted from the other room. “Can I wear this outfit when I’m a teenager?”
“Which outfit?” I shouted back as I slipped on my shoes.
“Come here! I’ll show you!” She replied.
I hurried to tie my shoe so I could see what outfit she was talking about. Based on the last few “Can I do *fill in the blank* when I’m a teenager?” conversations we’ve had, I was a liiiiiittle nervous. (Last “fill in the blank” was “work at Hooters.”)
I walked into the family room. She pointed at the television, which she had paused.
“Can I wear that when I’m a teenager?”
2010-08-12 07.26.46.jpg
I’m more scared than ever about the teenage years with my daughter, you guys.

6 thoughts on “I Think We May Need to Start a Prayer Chain Now

  1. Megan

    I feel your pain. Can you add my 4yo, Sophie, to the prayer chain? She loves to dance around the house nekked singing “I like to wiggle my bottom.”

  2. Jenn

    Ha ha, don’t worry, I thought I wanted to wear that stuff when I was little too. I rethought the whole idea once I was a teenager!

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