Picture Day!

Today was picture day at G’s school.
She wanted me to curl her hair. And even though I knew it would be flat before we made it to school, I got up extra early to curl her hair. Because I love her.
I wanted to cut her bangs, because they were annoying me. I didn’t want her bangs covering her beautiful eyes in her pictures. But she wants to let her bangs grow out because bangs “make her look like a little baby!”
I put the head band of her choice on her pretty little head when I was all done fixing her bangs. She looked at herself, smiled a huge smile and said “it looks beautiful, Mommy.”
I grabbed the camera and asked if I could take a few pictures outside before we left. She agreed.
I told her where to stand and she started to pose. I snapped away.
But then, I stopped. I stopped and I stared at the little beauty standing before me. Where did my baby go? Time stood still as I took her in. All traces of baby are gone. She’s a little lady now. A beautiful little lady who makes me laugh, who knows how to put an outfit together, who knows how to melt my heart. She’s everything I could have asked for in a daughter.
My baby girl, the last baby that I’ll ever have is growing and becoming her own little person, with her own wants and desires (no bangs!), hopes and dreams (she wants a pony!)
It’s both beautiful and heart wrenching to watch.

37 thoughts on “Picture Day!

  1. mommabird2345

    Awww, now I’m crying.
    I have three girls 12, 6, & 2. I look at the oldest & remember her being 6. I look at the 6yo & remember her being 2. I look at the 2yo & realize my “baby” is almost a preschooler. I look at all of them & think of them as babies. Where did the time go? *sniff*

  2. ann

    beautiful and at the same time… i have no idea how she got so big so fast! I feel like i blinked and she grew.

  3. Marie Green

    Wow, she’s SO BIG and grown-up now! And I get choked up about those things, too. The other day I got all MISTY (ok, fine, more than misty) over a stupid Taylor Swift song. (That one “Best Day”…) I can’t believe I just admitted that…

  4. Liz

    Oh goodness, that last photo has me thinking she’s going to be quite the little heartbreaker in a few years. Adorable!

  5. BetteJo

    Omg she is the sweetest prettiest little thing! But not a baby? Sure she is! Mine are 24 and 26, your little beauty is baby enough to enjoy for some time to come.

  6. Jamie

    Be still my heart! She is beautiful.
    My 8-year-old is suddenly giving glimpses of what she’ll look like as a teenager. It freaks me out!

  7. whoorl

    Our girls are growing so old! (Okay…mine’s only 8 weeks, but still! TIME IS GOING TOO FAST ALREADY!)
    G looks absolutely beautiful.

  8. Amy

    She is so beautiful. Hard to believe how grown up she is getting. Still, though, I still see the baby. 🙂 Especially in that 2nd picture.
    I love that she not only signs her pictures “Melissa” (what is that? LOL!), but that she SIGNS HER PICTURES! HAHA Too much.

  9. lani

    Awww… what a little beauty! And yes… I remember well, when you made the announcement that sweet baby G was on her way. It was about the same time my sweet baby K was on his way. Crazy how fast they grow up!

  10. jessica b

    oh gosh… the first picture makes her look like she’s 16. you’re in sooo much trouble!

  11. rachel

    She is so beautiful.
    That hair… that’s so your hair 😉 Good gracious, Y.
    I know what you mean, I catch sight of my daughter unexpectedly and it rips the air from my lungs.. when, what.. how… where did my baby go?

  12. Linda

    Gabby is just beautiful, these pictures are so much better than any school photo’s! Love the curls.

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