21 thoughts on “So Dramatic, That Girl

  1. Laura

    My 3-year-old, after listening to Gabby’s rendition of the abc song, said, “*gasp* Oh! She sings that just gorgeous!” She, too, is just a little dramatic.

  2. Cheryl

    She is so cute and what a singer! She looks and sounds just like the girl who played the young Selena in that movie! You gotta get her an agent!

  3. AA

    OMG. Okay I know it has been said, but really get her some training and some auditions. I bet she would love it. She has the voice, don’t waste it. Youare in CA too- so much easier for you than most people. More competition I know, but also more opprotunities. most kids her age do not have a voice that big or controlled.

  4. Amy

    OMG – she impressed me AND made me laugh at the same time! Love her! And ditto what the others said here – she’s got some serious natural talent.

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