In Her Heart

This afternoon I picked up my daughter from the bus stop like I do every day. As we walked up the driveway, she twirled around and giggled.

“Do you think it’s funny when I do that, Mommy?” She asked as she spun her tiny body around in circles.

“I think it’s silly.” I replied.

“Your girl is SO silly, isn’t she mommy?” She asked.

I was distracted, my mind consumed with all of the work that I had yet to do. I didn’t respond right away.

“Mommy? Did you hear me? Isn’t your girl silly?”

“Oh, she’s so silly!” I said.

We approached the front door and just as I was about to open it she stopped and gasped.

“OH! Mommy! I almost forgot! I brought you something!”

She reached into her backpack and started to dig around. I could see the panic sweep over her face because she couldn’t find what she was looking for. She dug around the inside of her backpack.

I became impatient because I had so much work waiting for me once we got inside the house.

“Let’s go inside and you can keep looking in there.”

“No, Mommy! I want to give it to you right now!”

I wanted to get inside so I could get back to work. But I took a deep breath, sighed loudly and waited while she frantically searched for whatever it was she wanted to give me.

“Oh, here it is!” She shouted, joyfully.

She held out her hand. Laying there in her tiny little palm was a small, shiny, metallic heart.

“I found this on the ground at school.” she explained “It made me think of you because I love you in my heart. So, I picked it up and saved it to give it to you.”

I knelt down beside her and looked carefully at the heart. I told her it was beautiful. I told her how much I loved it. She smiled and placed it in my hand.

“Don’t lose it.” She hollered as she skipped into the house.

That little heart is now taped to my computer monitor, so I can be reminded every day that no matter how much work there is to do, I should always make time for those who love me in their hearts.

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23 thoughts on “In Her Heart

  1. Jen

    So touching and beautifully written. Your post made me cry. I shared it with my husband and he was touched too. Your girl is so darling!

  2. Jessica

    oooooohhh. I must remember to slow down so that I too can feel the love my little girls have for me, too. What a great message. I have taken it to heart.

  3. Rachael

    Sometimes I find myself shooing my son away or feeling annoyed when he’s trying to squeeze his bony 4-year old butt onto my lap. Then I try to remember exactly what you showed here… how much I love him and he loves me.

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