Rainy Day

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There was nothing I loved more as a child then playing in the rain. I loved placing a leaf in the stream of water gushing down the street, on it’s way to the gutter, and seeing how fast it would wash away. I love titling my head back and feeling the rain on my face. I loved dancing in it, jumping in puddles and twirling around while singing in it.
Yesterday, it started to pour. I told my daughter to grab her coat so we could go out and play in the rain.
I watched as she stuck her hands out to let the rain drench her palms. She giggled and stepped out a little further. Her clothes started to get wet. It bothered her for a minute, but I told her that it was okay! She could change when she got inside. So, she just went for it, allowing herself to experience the rain on her hands, on her face, on her clothed little body.
I stood next to her, enjoying the feeling of both the rain and my daughter’s joy.
Magical, that rain.

6 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. Heather

    love it! we have a family thing that you always dance in the first rain. i have woken my kids up in the night and carried them outside to dance with me. little things like this create wonderful memories. my 18 yr old still talks about being woken up at midnight when whe was 5, always with a smile on her face. my 8 yr old drags me out at the first sign of a drop and it is a wonderful mommy moment

  2. Jenna

    I just walked outside at work, and stood for a moment in the pouring rain. I love rain too. Not sure how I’m goona feel for the next 2 1/2 hrs at work, but right now I feel cleansed.

  3. Madge

    I have the same memories. My dad used to crack a walnut perfectly in half for me to make a little boat to put in the stream of the gutters.
    Once, when we had a really big downpour I took my oldest out to play in the gutters while her sisters napped. The neighbor boy across the street came out with a teeny little plastic boat for my daughter to play with. He was a bit older and past the age of playing in the rain water, but he enjoyed watching her joy in it all. We still have that little plastic boat tucked away in our treasure box. I love the rain!

  4. talda

    i remember once, when we lived in georgia, it started to rain and the kids on my block all decided to play in their halloween costumes. not sure why, but try explaining rationality to a kid. anywho, my mom wouldn’t let me wear mine (lame!) but i snuck out my mask and ran around with the other kids. looking back, i don’t know why that was awesome, but in that moment, it was supremely awesome.

  5. kim

    i’ll just tell you: if you grow up and live in northern germany there ain’t nothin’ beautiful or magical about rain. still, beautiful pictures as always 🙂

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