This is What Happens When You Procrastinate.

I tend to wait until the last minute (sometimes, literally the last minute!) to do things. So, it wasn’t really a surprise to anyone that I was wrapping teacher’s gifts 10 minutes before we had to leave this morning.
I bought candles and picture frames for G’s teachers. (Which is kind of a lazy gift. But- and this is going to shock you–I waited until the last minute to buy the gifts and all I could think of while wondering aimlessly through Target late last night was “candles and picture frames!”) I picked up the candles so I could get them all wrapped up. The lid one one of the candles wasn’t on correctly, so I pushed down to get it to snap into place. It didn’t work. So, I pushed again, this time with just a little more pressure. Still didn’t work. Pushed again, same result. Now, I was kind of pissed because ONLY 4 MINUTES UNTIL WE HAVE TO LEAVE. So, I pushed down (angrily) on the lid with all of my mighty (and anger.)
If you are a person with any common sense, you’re probably thinking “not a good idea!” And you would be right because all of a sudden, I heard a pop and next thing you know, there was glass everywhere.
And also, blood. Lots of blood because I sliced the shit out of my finger and also my palm.
I ran to the bathroom as I shouted at the kids not to walk in the kitchen area without shoes on.
I couldn’t get the bleeding to stop, but I had to get out of the door, so I wrapped 3 bandages around my finger tip as tightly as I could. I grabbed G’s backpack. “Come on, baby! We’ve got to go now! You’re going to miss your bus!” She took her backpack from me. She looked very concerned. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Mommy! Your finger is bleeding all over my backpack! I’m so sorry you’re hurt!” She was right. Blood was oozing from the tip of my finger. I ran back to the bathroom to grab some toilet paper to prevent the blood from dripping. I threw the front door open with a wad of blood drenched toilet paper stuck to the top of my finger. “Let’s gooooooooo!” I shouted.
And as we ran up the driveway, the bus drove past our house.
So, how was YOUR morning? I’m guessing it was so much better than mine because you are not a procrastinator who pushes down forcefully on glass objects.

9 thoughts on “This is What Happens When You Procrastinate.

  1. Kathy

    Jeez woman. You need constant supervision. If it makes you feel better, I was out the night before R’s last day of school, 10 minutes before Target closed – racing through the aisles looking for teacher gifts.

  2. mommabird2345

    Oh no! I hope your hand is ok. Just so you know, I didn’t remember about the teacher gift until 1 hour before school got out for winter break yesterday. So I guess she’ll get it after the break. *sigh*

  3. Nancy P

    uh oh. First I am sorry about your finger. oops.
    But honey I will see your procrastination and rise it by a day or two!
    This would so happen to me. Once on teacher appreciation day I ran out to the yard and grabbed a bunch of pretty coneflowers for Alex to take to his teacher. (while running late of course) My error was forgetting how allergic he was. We had to have the car windows down and hold them out the window. THat didn’t even help, his eyes were bright red and runny by the time we got there and ALL the flower petals had blown off and he handed her a bunch of stems. I kid you not. #momfail….

  4. Erin

    I think it is so sweet that you get gifts for your kids’ teachers. I’m a middle school teacher so we don’t get too many gifts (six or more teachers to buy for is crazy, right?), but I always feel so special when I get something. Candy and gift cards are always nice, but I do actually love it the most when the kids make me a picture or write something sweet in a card. The sweetest thing today was when a kid gave me a (kind of dirty) Hello Kitty wallet–they know I love Hello Kitty so brought me something that must have belonged to them. So sweet…

  5. Angela

    Oh I am so sorry!!!! “Ouch Dammit Crap!” on autoplay is what I was thinking while reading this. I’m a teacher and I have to say that gifts are never expected but always, always loved. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, though. If I got a gift card to Target in the amount of that $10 candle, I’d be SO happy. Every year, I get all this STUFF. And it’s so nice that my students and their families think of me, but it’s a lot of “stuff”. That I already have too much of. Gift cards are my favorite. Fandango, Amazon, Target, Starbucks–you name it. And talk about easy, last minute shopping, right?! Unbreakable and shard free to boot!
    Hope tomorrow starts out better. 🙂

  6. Melody

    Augh, I hope it’s feeling better now!
    You have to laugh at the irony though. 😉 There is really nothing purer and whiter than snow, yet it cut the crap out of your finger and caused lots of blood.
    I hope it’s healing! 🙂

  7. Elena

    One kid in seventh grade and one in second and I have yet to buy the first teacher gift…EVER…I win at procrastination!!! And hey, if I put it off long enough, they will have GRADUATED.

  8. AJ

    I am a Kindergarten teacher and I second that gifts are never a must but they are greatly appreciated. I got a few gift cards this year for Sbux and Dunkin Donuts, and loved the Borders cards- I can get more books for my classroom. 🙂 But my favorite gifts are ornaments and the hand-drawn pictures from my kids – I write the name of the giver on the back of the ornament and the date so each year I can think of the child at the holidays. The drawings are so cute too- I add them to a 3 ringed binder with sheet protectors to keep them organized.
    OUCH OUCH OUCH! You are bringing back horrible memories of my “grated” thumb from 2 weeks ago- that’s what I get for being a cheap-ass buying block cheese and not shredded cheese! It didn’t stop bleeding for 30 minutes. **shudders**

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