Love Is Made To Be Shared

“Did you see the picture I made for you?” my daughter asked.
“No, where is it?”
“Mom! It was on the driveway! I made it so you would be surprised when you came home.”
I had noticed the scribbles on the driveway when I had pulled up, but didn’t pay attention to what it was. I ran back outside to look. I had parked the car right over the beautiful picture she had so thoughtfully created for me. I went back inside, grabbed my keys and moved the car.
It was a beautiful picture of me and my daughter, holding hands. Next to the picture, she had written the words “Love is made to be shared.”
I stood there, looking at it, taking in every detail. My daughter’s love, poured from her heart, through her little hands, laid there in the driveway for me to see.
And I had parked my car right over it. Because I was too distracted by life to notice it.
Through that simple act of love, my daughter has reminded me to slow down and take time to appreciate the beauty in the small things. To absorb the love that surrounds me, and to then pass that love onto others.

15 thoughts on “Love Is Made To Be Shared

  1. Amanda

    SO true. Did you notice the other thing? Did you see the smile she put on your face? The way she seems to be protected by your hair? The way your arms and body are open to the world?
    What a beautiful way to be seen and what a testament to the way you love her.

  2. mommabird2345

    You can tell she is very loved and loves just as much in return. 🙂 What a sweetheart.

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