Day Two. It Hurts.

Today I completed day two of boot camp.
There are four places on my body that do not hurt. My feet, my hands, my face and my you know what.
I pretty much hate every minute of it while I’m there, but I absolutely love the way that I feel as I’m driving home. I feel so accomplished, so strong, so full of energy, so ready to take on the day.
Yesterday all of the newbies had to do a timed mile. I came in third (out of four people total) at 12:00 exactly. Before we started, the instructor was all “this is not a race. This is to test where you’re at, so we can pair you with the right people for our running exercises.” I wasn’t happy with my results, but I wasn’t surprised either. I suck at running because I hate running. I have tried for many months to love running, but it hasn’t happened yet. Every time I run, I think “Man, I hate this.” People who say things like “I look forward to running!” really worry me because I don’t think it’s normal to look forward to something so awful.
Speaking of awful– push-ups are the worst. The absolute worst. And guess what? They LOVE to do push-ups in boot camp. And not the kind where you are on your knees, oh no. They like to do The Real Push-ups. I had to do a push-up test and guess how many I could do? Seven. And those seven almost killed me. My body was shaking, I was sweating and the instructor was all up in my face saying “PUSH THROUGH IT! YOU CAN DO IT!” And I was all “No, I can’t! Look! I’m shaking!” THE WORST.
There are things that I love about it. I love being outside while it’s still dark, I love the cool morning breeze all up on my sweaty face. I love watching the sun rise while I’m on my back and Hot Trainer is all “leg blasts! Butt up in the air!” I also love the minute it is over and how accomplished I feel that I managed to get through the entire workout without farting, because, MAN, it’s hard to NOT fart during boot camp.
I’m looking forward to the next six weeks. I can’t wait to see the results of what I know now will be extremely hard, challenging but very rewarding work.

19 thoughts on “Day Two. It Hurts.

  1. Kathy

    Someone accidentally ripped one in my pilates class this morning and I thought about you immediately. Aren’t you glad that strangers’ farts remind me of you?
    Also – the person actually said “excuse me” afterward. Awk-warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.

  2. Gina

    I think you are awesome! I am delurking here to say that you keep me inspired to keep working on my health. I too love Zumba! The farting comment made me laugh out loud!

  3. Ben

    This morning was a rest day, so I lay in bed and ripped a big ol’ fart and THOUGHT ABOUT YOU.
    You’re welcome.
    PS: Running gets better, the key to me loving it was to slow down and not worry about my time.

  4. Amy

    A 12-minute mile is actually not bad at all for a non-runner! Hell, I have running friends who run that or slower… 🙂 Stop beating yourself up!

  5. monstergirlee

    I love the farting comment! I am always so thankful when I don’t fart during Tae Kwon Do. And mortified when I do, ’cause all the 8-12 yr olds don’t ignore it.
    Good for you! I long for the day when I can go to my own classes.

  6. Roxanna

    Not farting during extreme exercise is practically impossible! Well done!
    I agree – take before and after pics!!

  7. M&Co.

    A 12 minute mile? You rock! I’ve been running since February, and the best I can do is a 15 minute. And then I die.

  8. ashlee

    You’ll just keep getting stonger, so keep it up! It’s a HUGE accomplishment. Oh, and since you didn’t mention them I assume you haven’t done any burpees yet – you’ll hate them, then you’ll love them. : )

  9. Julia

    I was considering doing a boot camp but I am seriouisly out of shape and totally freaked out that I would get kicked out for sucking so much… yikes.

  10. Cacklin Rose

    Girl, I commend your dedication.
    Have you considered hcg? It’s controversial, but it works. Lots of women with thyroid/hashimotos have found success. Research it. Listen to people’s stories.
    I’ve lost 32 pounds on it and losing weight has never been easy for me!
    Food for thought! And congrats on the boot camp success!

  11. ella

    YOU! Are AWESOME! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do seven push ups. And I’d through up after a work out like that.
    You go woman!

  12. sara

    LOVE this post and LOVE you Y!
    now im off to look for a local boot camp for myself…youve inspired me! xoxo

  13. Leatitia

    Congratulations on surviving day two! and… SEVEN push ups?? Man, I can’t even do 3. YOU ROCK!!

  14. Erin

    “People who say things like “I look forward to running!” really worry me because I don’t think it’s normal to look forward to something so awful.”
    YES, yesyesyesyes. ALSO, everything else you said re: feeling awesome on the way home (or, the minute it’s done, YES). And what ashlee said about Burpees: love them. hate them. I hate to love them and love to hate them. I am so excited for you; you get to feel as awesome as you are. (And in the interest of full disclosure, I am a boot camp DROPOUT, due to childcare issues, so I am TOTALLY jealous of you right now…yes, my husband has to get to work at such an ungodly hour that I can’t do BOOT CAMP, while my husband and baby SLEEP. Sucks.)

  15. Annie

    Your timing on the fart was so funny ! You’re all serious and shit, and then WHAM, you make me laugh out loud !

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