Boot Camp: The Results!

When I first joined boot camp, I did a series of timed tests as well as had my weight and measurements taken. Today was the last day of this session of boot camp and we did the same series of tests and measurements. I have to say, I am totally impressed with the results.
Before I share the results, I should mention that I missed eleven days during the six week session. That absences were due to traveling to Vegas, to BlogHer and possibly to My Period. I’m not happy about missing so many classes, but it is what it is. Next time, I will do better.
(There will be a next time. I’m committing to eight more weeks.)
Now, onto the results!
Day one: 7
Today: 27
Sit ups:
Day one: 15 in 46 seconds
Today: 30 in 1:30 seconds
1 mile run:
Day one: 12:00
Today: 10:52
Day one: 189 pounds
Today: 179 pounds
Total weight loss: 10 pounds
Total inches lost:
8 3/4 (most of those inches came off of my hips/butt 4 3/4! That, like, NEVER happens.)
Body fat loss:
Just under 2%
BMI went down by 1.7

Number of times I farted out loud:

Confidence Gained:
I can’t wait to do another session and see how far I can push myself.
This experience has been life changing. I’ve always thought of myself as a “fitness wimp.” I say “I can’t” a LOT. I don’t like to feel uncomfortable. The second it starts to feel bad, I want to stop. I DO stop. That is why boot camp is so good for me. There are people there pushing me to keep going, telling me YES YOU CAN. And you know what? They were right. I absolutely can do it– whether the “it” is push-ups, or running THREE MILES. I can do it.
I DID do it.
I have to thank my fitness instructors– Thank you Monique and Sean for pushing me, for helping me start to believe that I am strong and capable. Love you guys! Cant wait to do it again. (Except next time, can we lay off the Animal Exercises a little bit? Because we all know those ARE THE WORST.)

21 thoughts on “Boot Camp: The Results!

  1. Amanda Brown

    Oh, I am so proud of you! As a fellow boot-camper, I know how tough it is, but how amazing you feel after accomplishing so much!
    I wish I could say I haven’t farted out loud in my class. Just last week I let the loudest, hottest one rip and I almost DIED.
    Congrats on all your success!!

  2. Kyla

    Whoa! Good job. I’m an “I can’t” er, too…but I don’t have the balls to sign up for something like this that would make me!

  3. Mishi

    I want to do a Boot Camp at my local parks&recs but I’m so scared. So scared. I’ve gained some lost weight back, I haven’t really done anything but walk, and I just feel like I might die if I go and do this. I’ll probably feel more alive then ever, so I don’t know what I’m waiting for.
    You inspire me!

  4. mommabird2345

    I forgot to ask, do you have to have some level of fitness to do a bootcamp? Or can someone who hasn’t exercised in forever join? Just wondering. thanks!

  5. Roxanna

    That is SO awesome!!! You are an inspiration. I was thinking about you last night and wondering how it went – you completely OWNED it!!!
    You have seriously gotten me thinking about doing a boot camp. I bow to you Y!

  6. Neeroc

    Fantastic results, great improvements all around on your strength and endurance. Your farting stat cracked me up.
    AND, congrats on committing to another round!

  7. Estrelleta

    I had to chime in even though I rarely comment, you are an inspiration. Congratulations on your success. I am going to try harder to get in shape too.

  8. lani

    This almost made me cry. You are awesome. I am so, so happy for you! *insert shameless quote from Waterboy here* You can DO it! 😉

  9. Jen Clark

    Congrats!!!!! That is amazing / awesome / impressive! I finally got my rear in and asked a personal trainer for help, so this is inspiring me while I battle the first week of soreness and wanting to give up!! ~Jen

  10. Melissa

    I was waiting to hear how well you did. Very good job! With boot camp I found the one form of exercise that doesn’t bore me and challenges me beyond how I would challenge myself. I’d suggest you get a watch with a heart rate monitor because it’ll tell you the calories you’re burning along with your heart rate (mine is a Polar that I love). I personally push harder when I can see the calories burned. You’ve definitely motivated me to keep going to my boot camp and lose some of this fat I’ve been holding onto!!

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