The Sorry It Didn’t Work Out Show

I’ve watched The Biggest Loser since the first episode aired. I fell deeply in TV Love with Bob Harper. Everything about him is wonderful. He’s compassionate, strong, smart. He’s hot, sexy, super hot and also VERY HOT.
Do you remember when you were a teenager and you were in love with a celebrity (or a professional athlete named Orel Hershiser) and you would day dream of meeting them and you’d be like “if they only got to know me, they would totally love me and we would be best friends!” That’s kind of how I feel about Trainer Bob.
I want to meet that man. I imagine if I ever had the chance, I’d tell him about my weight loss and struggles with my health (because nothing says “I’m a Fun Girl” like “let me tell you about my thyroid problems!”) There would be laughing, hugging, possibly some making out, errr, I mean WORKING OUT. He’d like me so much he’d totally follow me follow me on Twitter.
Last month while I was at BlogHer, I saw people tweeting about having breakfast with Trainer Bob. My heart sank. TRAINER BOB WAS AT BLOGHER. I could have signed up to have breakfast with him and work out with him. Somehow, I had missed that this was happening and now it was too late. I was devastated. (I work for BlogHer, how did I miss this?!)
I took my sadness to Facebook. Some people were all “Oh, I’m so sorry! That sucks!” While other people were like “You’re gonna hate me, but I got to meet him, take a picture with him, do Yoga with him, laugh with him and generally have the best time with him.”
It hurt, man. How would I ever get over missing out on my one chance to meet Trainer Bob?
September 8th, 2011 I received a message on Facebook. It basically went like this:

“Hey Yvonne. How do you feel about being on a TV show. You know Nate Berkus, the cute guy that used to be on Oprah all of the time? Well, we have Bob Harper and we need to do a field shoot with Bob in LA. It would be a kitchen intervention. He would come to your house and make over your kitchen cabinets. Thoughts?”

After I picked myself up off of the floor (because I passed out from EXCITEMENT.) I composed myself and wrote back something like “I love Bob, I love Nate, I’m totally interested. Call me!”
Later that day, I was on the phone with a producer from The Nate Show. We talked about how much I love Bob, about how little grocery shopping I’ve been doing lately and how I could really use Bob’s help. She asked me to send my address, the number to my landlord so we could get permission to shoot and to send a photo of myself and of my house.
I spoke to the producer again and she said that since I was having trouble finding the time to shop for groceries, she thought it would be great if Bob took me shopping for groceries, so could I please send her the name and number of grocery stores in my area so they could get permission to shoot there?
I can’t even begin to put into words how exciting this felt to me. Not only was I going to meet Trainer Bob, but he was going to be IN MY HOUSE. And we were going to go grocery shopping together! Things like this don’t ever happen to me. How did I get so lucky?
It was Friday (my 40th birthday!) and the shoot was supposed to happen the following Wednesday (yesterday.) I was a little bit nervous that Bob was going to see my humble little rental home, but then I remembered this was going to be on The Nate Show and do you know what Nate is famous for? DECORATING HOUSES. Here’s the thing– I’m horrible at decorating. Like, the absolute worst. So, I kind of just don’t do it. I do have a few pictures of my family hanging on the wall, but not much else. I panicked! I could not let The Nate Show FILM MY SADLY DECORATED HOME. So, I made a few trips to buy a few things to hang on the wall and to place on my shelves to make my place look a little less sad. We replaced old frames, repainted a wall in the family room, bought some new decorative pieces to hang in the kitchen. We also planted some new flowers in the front yard.
I waited all day Monday for confirmation that they were able to work things out with Bob’s schedule and that we’d be filming on Wednesday.
Finally, the email appeared in my in box.
Subject Line: Nate Show

Hi Yvonne,
Thank you so very much for all of your cooperation and patience. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it work with Bob’s schedule.
BUT, we’d love to stay in touch with you & figure out a segment in a future show that makes sense—would you be up for that? And it could be a segment about home renovation too—is there a room you are having an issue with?

Heart? Broken.
I wrote back, thanked her for trying to make it work.
And then? I cried. I did. I know, it’s dumb. It’s not the end of the world! But, once again, I allowed myself to believe that something good was going to happen to me and once again, things didn’t work out. Story of my life.
A couple of days have passed since I got the news and I’m fine now. I mean, it totally sucks that I thought I was going to meet Trainer Bob and I didn’t meet Trainer Bob. It sucks so much. But, it’s NOT the end of the world. It’s just the end of my I’m Going to Meet Trainer Bob Someday Fantasy.

15 thoughts on “The Sorry It Didn’t Work Out Show

  1. Nothing But Bonfires

    Oh, I’m so sorry! I know exactly what it’s like to have things like that be THISCLOSE to happening and then have them fall through at the last minute. Ugh, it sucks, especially when you’ve let yourself get so excited and hopeful about them. I’ve had two magazine pitches accepted with major magazines, terms and payment negotiated, interviews done, stories written, everyone super excited about it….and then boom, something goes wrong and it falls apart at the very last second. It’s a horrible feeling. It does sound hopeful for you in the future though! I’m sure you and Bob will totally be doing some making—I mean WORKING—out very soon.

  2. Leah

    That stinks. I say you start a meet Bob campaign, twitter, facebook, email, whatever it takes. Tell him the story of Blogher and then the Nate show. Good luck.

  3. Amy

    That IS disappointing, but you are closer than so many others to having something really exciting happen in the future! Have faith. 🙂
    Also, I hate to be the (second) one to tell you, but… pretty sure Bob is gay. LOL

  4. Jennifer

    Awwww – I’m sorry to hear that. How disappointing. I hope you get to meet him sometime soon. I second Leah’s suggestion… share your story (lots) and you may get a call 🙂
    Keep us posted!

  5. mommabird2345

    Sorry to hear that things didn’t work out. I hope they contact you in the future. Having a room makeover would be great!

  6. Kim

    OH MAN! That is the pits!!! I would still be crying if I were you, haha. That laughing is at myself for being such a big crybaby. You are a rockstar for taking it in stride. 😉

  7. lani

    Chin up. You’re going to meet Trainer Bob. And once he gets to know you, he’s going to love you and you’re going to be best friends. 😉 I’m banking on it, cuz hello… the door is still open. Understand the disappointment, though. Maybe you could get Jay to advocate for you. Hee.

  8. Lindsay

    Yvonne! They’re totally going to reschedule AND redecorate your home!!! Think positive! This could work out to be an even better thing!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you, girl!

  9. Rachael

    Wow, that SUCKS. Honestly, I would be way more put off if you HADN’T cried. I totally would have too. And possibly screamed. Well… You came so close I bet you’ll get another chance. Don’t stop dreaming!

  10. Average Jane

    Aw, bummer! Although redecorating would be awesome.
    I need someone to come and offer me lots of redecorating help for my horrible basement. (Hint, hint, in case anyone from a redecorating show happens to be reading.)

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