I’ve always worried that when my children are older, they’ll look back at old photos and wonder “where was Mom?”
I am the one behind the camera, making sure that our lives are documented in photographs. It’s what I love to do. But when I look through old photos, it makes me a little bit sad that the moments I’ve spent with my children at Holiday dinners, or Christmas mornings or at school functions were never captured for me to look at.
Every once in a while, though, someone will pick up the camera when I’m not looking and turn it on me.
I stopped by G’s school on my lunch break to cheer her on during the school jog-a-thon. I brought her big brother along with me. I knew she’d be so happy to have us both there, supporting her. She did so great! She ran so hard, never complaining or stopping to rest. When she was finished, I ran to meet her. I wrapped my arms tightly around her. “I’m so proud of you!” I said. “You did such a great job!”
grad777 (1 of 1).jpg
My son had taken the camera and captured the exact moment this happened. I’m so grateful that he did.

26 thoughts on “Captured

  1. Jaime

    Look at that smile! I think she’s proud of herself!
    I feel the same way about photos of me … there aren’t hardly any, unless I specifically tell my husband to take a picture. I’ve prodded him some and he’s a little better. But still, I wonder if they will miss seeing me in photos when they are older.

  2. eko

    Awesome photo – your kids rock! I agree – let them capture the moments more often. You are beautiful!!

  3. Diana

    This picture brought tears to my eyes. So sweet. I am often in the same position as you…behind the camera. But I also don’t like to see my shaggy self photographed either!

  4. Lena

    This makes me cry, Yvonne! Beautiful picture. More importantly, beautiful relationship you’ve created with Gabby. Such a good mama you are.

  5. Krystle {snarkykisses}

    Perfect. Absolutely beautiful, with perfect timing and I love how it shows both of your smiles. This one belongs in a frame. You are such a good momma, Y… you really really are.
    AND, on a different note, you look fabulous. You should do a comparison of your biceps/upper arms compared to before you started working out. Phenomenal!

  6. Diana

    We have the same issue here. I’m never in the photos and then it’s compounded by the fact that since gaining weight I don’t WANT to be in the photos.

  7. Jess

    awesome pic, and you look amazing! i must know—hair color… did you have it done, or do it yourself? if you did it yourself, pleeeeeeeeeease share the details. i love it and must do it.

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