Now That’s What I Call Big Time Rush

Do you know who James Maslow is? If you do not, I envy you.
I know who James Maslow is because I have a seven year old daughter who is in love with him and his stupid boy band. Every day, I have to listen to his songs pumping out of her pink princess boom box. And every day I’m all “turn that down and shut your door!”
The other night while I was cooking dinner she asked if she could go on I was all “sure you can! Just make sure to keep the volume down!” Because I know that Big Time Rush music blasting through the computer speakers.
A few minutes later, my oldest son shouted out “Mom! You need to come see what G is watching on YouTube!” Now, keep in mind, the computer is in an open area, right next to the kitchen. If I look to the right while I’m cooking, I can see the monitor. (I have it there for that reason.) However, in my haste to make The Perfect Rarebit Smash Burgers and Pub Potatoes, I hadn’t noticed that she had wandered away from and onto YouTube.
I ran over to the computer. At the same time, G ran into her bedroom, screaming and slamming the door behind her. I bent over and looked at the monitor. There was a video titled “James Maslow, Shirtless, Hot and Sexy.”
How did my sweet, precious, innocent, little seven year old daughter end up finding such a video? Oh, by typing this into the YouTube search box, obviously.
After I stopped laughing while hiding in my closet, we had a Very Serious conversation about the internet. She apologized for searching YouTube without supervision and promised to never do it again. But she remained unapologetic for wanting to see James Maslow’s Sexy Musuls.
I’m more convinced than ever that the Teenage Years With G are going to be the most stressful, amazing years of my life.

13 thoughts on “Now That’s What I Call Big Time Rush

  1. Kristy

    Such a cute story. I laughed so loud at the picture that my dog jumped. That little lady is going to keep life interesting. 🙂

  2. Julie

    Too funny! She is definitely going to keep you on your toes. But the fun and laughs she will keep bringing to your household are immeasurable. The drama of having a daughter!

  3. Kyla

    Hahaha! Oh man, I think KayTar and Gabby might be cut from a similar cloth. KayTar has a student teacher in her class this year who she calls “the hot intern” and she once told me that she would like to see him as a mermaid because “he would look SO hot in a fin”.

  4. Becky

    TOO funny! I had a similar incident with my 10 year old daughter. She enjoys the boyband ‘Mindless Behavior’, especially “the hot one with the long braids” Oh my.

  5. Olivia

    Oh this is hilarious, and so like my 6 1/2 year old. She’s Obsessed with the Biebs and Jonas Brothers. I wish you had a FB share button!!

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