Counting Down the Days

I’ve spent the last few hours going through old photos.

How did the time go by so quickly? I ask myself as I cry a little bit.

Or a lot.

It’s not the end of the world, just the end of this phase in his life, our lives.

It’s going to be okay. He’s going to be okay. We’re all going to be okay.

I just hope he knows how much I’ve enjoyed being his mama. I hope he knows how much joy his sweet little face and wonderful personality has given me over the past nineteen years. I hope he knows how damn proud I am of this brave choice he’s made.

I worry for him and the experience that lies ahead for him. I can see that he’s nervous, but not afraid. He’s determined, he’s strong, he’s brave. I hope that the love and care I’ve given to him helps to get him through the tough times in boot camp.

A dear friend left a comment on my last post that will stay with me during the weeks he’s gone.

If it’s any help, my husband (who is a Marine) said that at his most difficult moments in boot camp, he thought about his mom. You’ll be with him there and he’ll still be Andrew when he gets back.

It helps more than you know, sweet friend. Thank you.

Me and Andrew just after his junior high school graduation.

10 thoughts on “Counting Down the Days

  1. Marci

    Thinking about you. Perhaps there are moms in your area that you can talk to who are going through the same thing.

  2. Kyla

    Oof. Time flies! You’re brave, too…and you’ll both get through this and the love in your hearts will carry you through it!

  3. Melissa S.

    V- When I went to Army boot camp after my senior year of high school, I was nervous about the end of one chapter in my life and the beginning of another, much like you. I never really gave much thought to how I was going to get through it, I just assumed I would. The funny thing is that just like your friend said, in my toughest moments, I thought of my parents and the love and support they had given me and continued to give me with letters and care packages. I grew to appreciate my parents in a way I had never known before. The military taught me about respect and integrity in a way that my parents, though they tried, couldn’t. I saw their love, their commitment to me, and our relationship with new eyes. After boot camp, I came home on leave and told them how very much I loved them, how deeply I respected them, and how sorry I was for the way I behaved during my teenage years. My relationship with my parents changed when I graduated boot camp, but it was for the better. I sincerely believe that I am a better person for my military service and that my relationship with my family is deeper since I left home and joined the Army all those years ago. Be that rock in his life while he is gone. Send letters that give him reprieve, that give him perspective. Talk about the dog, the weather, an old story from his childhood story anything to make him smile and take his mind off boot camp for just a brief second. Send lots of pictures. Each letter I received got hung up in my wall locker and I smiled, cried and sighed when I saw those every time I opened my locker. I felt so loved and continue to feel that way. I know I’m a girl, a daughter, but I have also seen how my male counter parts have smiled when they get a letter from home and I know that it will mean the world to Andrew. When he gets home, things will be different, but you will have been a part of his time away through the memories and through the letters you send. You will never leave his side. I’m thinking of your family and know that you will come out the other side stronger for this experience.

  4. Kim Tracy Prince

    I am about to go to my oldest son’s first grade class to volunteer. I grumble about this job every week. I didn’t want to click on this link and let you make me get all soft and feely, but I knew I had to. Thank you for this, for all of this. Your stories and your emotion and your sharing have always helped me so much. I am reminded of how precious this time is, and I will go work with 20 7-year-olds with renewed energy. xoxo.

  5. Rachael

    Most of your posts lately have left me speechless and with clouded tear-vision. They just have to grow up, don’t they? (Hugs)

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