She Just Gives Really Good Advice.

“Can I comb your hair, Daddy?”

“Sure you can.” He replied.

She combed what little hair he has left at the top (I call his hair The Dr.Phil Lite) carefully, trying to get every hair in place.

When she finished, she exclaimed “I combed it exactly the way you like it!”

She took him by the hand and walked him down the hall into the bathroom so he could look in the mirror.

“I love it!” He said. “But I sure do wish I had more hair.”

“Well” she said

, all matter of fact like. “Why don’t you choose Bosley then?”

We both laughed until it hurt.

3 thoughts on “She Just Gives Really Good Advice.

  1. Mel.o

    You are a fantastic writer. I love the vivid pictures you portray. I get so exicted when I see your posts in my reader. You are funny, smart and real.

  2. Linda Tackett

    She is just toooooooo smart, but consider the parents she has I wouldn’t expect anything else!

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