This morning Andrew woke up to find $5.00 from the toof fairy. Ethan saw it and started to cry. I asked him why he was crying, he said “because Andrew has more dollars than me.”

I sat down next to him and explained that’s how life works and he would be getting visits from the tooth fairy very soon. As I was talking, Andrew walked over, handed Ethan a dollar bill and said “here you go, Ethan, you can have one.” Ethan got the biggest smile on his face and thanked his brother.

I grabbed Andrew and hugged him and told him he just made me very happy. Then, I turned to Ethan and asked if he knew why his brother gave him the dollar.

“Because he loves me, mommy and wants me to be happy.”

That made my day.

Until they broke out in a fist fight over breakfast.

13 thoughts on “*sniff*

  1. Veshka

    Gotta take life’s little wonders in stride with life’s little annoyances, and kids sure can be both in the span on an hour, can’t they? 🙂

  2. jewdez

    I love little moments like that – especially if I take my 3 year old to the store, she’ll pick out two candies – this one is mine, this one is Cho-Chos (joe-joe). Then we get home — they start poundin each other — “Moooooooom, Jenna won’t get away from my stuff”. *smack* *pow* “waaaaaaaaaaaa”
    but it is all worth it

  3. Theresa

    $5?? Shit, the most I ever got from the tooth fairy was 50 cent!
    Your boys are getting along a lot better than my two brothers did when they were younger. We couldn’t leave them alone for 5 minutes without someone bleeding. *sigh* boys.

  4. a different Bill

    Wanna know a secret? They never grow out of that. My boys are 18, 15 and 14 with a 7 year old step brother. At any given moment it’s a toss-up if they are gonna be doing the greatest deeds for each other, or ripping each other’s throats out. But know this: you mess with one and you’d better be ready for all four and God help you if you mess with either Mom.

  5. Amy

    Life with two boys…. it’s wonderful, ain’t it?
    Your boys sound very close in age to mine. I have an 8 year old and a 6 year old.

  6. Zander

    I’m selling a little brother, want one? hehehehe no not really, I wouldn’t trade him for nothing.
    Sounds like you got two keepers there Y!!

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