Happy 21st Birthday to the Son Who Made Me a Mother



March 3, 1993 you made your entrance into our lives. I always tell people you were a perfect baby and it’s the truth in every way. You were calm, you were cuddly, you slept well, you didn’t fuss much and you made each day special and worth getting up for. 21 years later– the same is true.


You have grown into a responsible, selfless, kind, hilarious (if sometimes annoying and YOU KNOW WHY I say that.) young man. I genuinely enjoy the person you have become.


My wish for you today is that you do not waste your youth. You are living the best days of your life right now. Learn, grow, better yourself every opportunity you get, never let fear stop you from doing something, have fun with your friends, make memories, drink responsibly, respect women, and whatever you do, DO NOT make me a grandma for at least another 5 years.


It’s been a pleasure to raise you, my son.


I love you. 

p.s. You can legally buy alcohol now.

p.p.s Stella Rosa Orange Mascato is my favorite.

p.p.p.s The BevMo on 19th st. is open now.

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