Valentine’s Day Craft: Hugs and Kisses Gumball Machine

Last week I stumbled across the most adorable Valentine’s Day craft and I knew I had to make one with my daughter. So

, today we hit up Michael’s and the Dollar tree to get all of the things we needed. Just under $13.00 for everything we needed. Which– awesome!

Adorable, yes?

What you need:

4″ terracotta pot
4″ terracotta saucer
wooden doll head
paint (we used outdoor patio paint, white for the base, pink for the top coat)
a small round bowl (we found one at the Dollar Tree.)
Alphabet stickers (Although we almost used a Sharpie and glitter.)
Candy (we used Hershey’s Kisses.)

Supplies needed for valentine's day gumball machine craft (paint, terracotta pot, glass jar)

How to Make “Gumball Machine”

paint the pot, saucer and doll head. (we did a coat of white, followed by pink after the white had dried.)
Once it’s dry, glue the doll head to the top of the saucer. Next, turn the pot upside down and glue the jar on top. Fill the jar with candy and once everything is dry, add the lid (the saucer with the doll head on top.)

Child panting terracotta pot with white paint

child painting a terracotta pot

Super easy, super quick, super ADORABLE.

(Originally found at Love Sweet Love.)

9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Craft: Hugs and Kisses Gumball Machine

  1. Julie

    That is super cute! I love it. Thanks for sharing. I might have to file this away and make it with my kids when they are older.

  2. Daniel

    If this long term substitute position my wife is in turns into a full time classroom teaching gig, I’m totally going to do something like this for her desk. Great idea!!

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  4. Nadine

    Oh wow, that is just so adorable! It makes me want to buy the necessary materials now and start making it for myself. It is a perfect present that is both creative and thoughtful.

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  6. Lynne Kirsch

    I made one also and have it posted today at
    thanks for the inspiration!

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