Because #BasketballMom

It’s been a while, yes?

So much has happened in the last seven months.

Seven months.

Mostly things that involve The Middle Child. He played his last season of high school basketball, probably his last season of basketball ever. Because he doesn’t want to play in college. He wants to focus on college. I respect his choice, but if I’m being honest. I’m heartbroken. He’s played since he was three years old. City ball. Travel ball. Junior and High school ball. What will I do when next year rolls around and there won’t be any games to attend to cheer for #3? Though the sadness will linger, I’m sure, I’ll always have the memories. And oh, what wonderful memories.

The Starting Line Up.

Oh, just my son putting in another 3 to tie the game and send it into ovetime. Go Braves!! #basketballmom

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Hitting the game tying shot

Aaand my son putting in the game winner in double overtime!! Great win, Braves! #tribe #basketballmom

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And then hitting the game winner in double overtime

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Winning All Tournament Team honors

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So proud of our Braves and of my son on his double double! #basketballmom

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Me and my husband embracing just before walking our son out on Senior Night. I cried on his shoulder because I just couldn’t believe it was all over.

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14 years of basketball with this kid. 3-17 years old. @ethan_v3 #basketballmom #tbt

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Speaking of college. Our son was accepted into his first choice college. Not only was he accepted, but he received a $15,000 annual academic scholarship. (Insert “proud mom” comments here)

Ethan got his first college acceptance letter and an academic scholarship. We are thrilled! So proud of my son! #Vanguard

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On April 27th, we made if official. Our boy will be attending Vanguard University this fall.

I hope to not make it another seven months before I write here again. Now that all Things Basketball and High School are coming to an end, I will have a bit more time to focus on other things besides driving the basketball team to tournaments.

(Or, maybe not because I may find myself in a corner crying because MY BABY IS ALL GROWN UP AND DOESN’T NEED ME ANYMORE EXCEPT HE TOTALLY NEEDS MY MONEY BECAUSE… COLLEGE.)

We have two more events to attend. Senior award night tomorrow night and his high school graduation ceremony on May 20th. I can not believe how quickly this all happened

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, but you know what they say about time, flying, and fun.

Before I leave, there is one more thing that I must mention because out of all of the great things my son has accomplished in high school, this is the one makes me the most proud.

Top that, Moms and Dads. Pretty sure you can’t.

5 thoughts on “Because #BasketballMom

  1. Jessica

    God have mercy – how can you have 2 practically speaking men for children and look like you’re 21. They should bottle that and sell it on the internets! Congratulations proud mama – you should be proud. He is gorgeous, smart, and sarcastic. Ain’t much better than that (although a 3 pointer during double overtime is freakin’ awesome!) I’ve loved watching him grow up.

  2. AliciA

    Is it weird that I’m proud of your son too?

    Thanks for giving me some insight into what the future holds for me. My son is 5. Kindergarten yo!

  3. jill (mrschaos)

    It’s been fun to follow along with all this via Facebook and IG as I’m go through a very similar timeline with my daughter. Damn, though. Time is an asshole. I can’t believe it’s already time for all this!!

  4. Amy

    I can’t believe how long I’ve been following you and your family on the blog! You look stunning and gorgeous. Little Ethan isn’t very little anymore. SAD!

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