Mushy mommy stuff.

Have I mentioned recently how dearly I love my children?
I surprised them this morning and took them to the park for a little picnic. It was wonderful. I loved watching them play together, as friends. I love how they would look over to see if I was watching them. They love me and want me to be proud of the things they do.
At one point, they asked me to come and play with them, at first I said no. You see, I hate sand. I mean I hate sand!!! I started to think of what I had wrote recently, It’s the little things, the simple things that life is all about, so I decided to kick my sandals off, roll my pants up and jump on in, get my feet dirty and have some fun with my boys. It was so much fun running around, swinging on the monkey bars, jumping off the swings and just being silly with my kids. I almost missed out on all of that fun, for a stupid reason which is something I have done my entire life. I’m just glad that I have learned from my mistakes and am working damn hard on not repeating them ever again. I refuse to let life pass me by any longer, I’m going to live it to the fullest everyday.
Now that the sun has finally burned through the haze, I think I’m going to take my boys to go get an ice cream.

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  1. don

    good for you!!! I love being on the playground with my son – people always give me weird looks, but who cares about them – these are memories that I will cherish forever!

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