Campanions in laughter, friends in tears.

Everything is going to be ok.
I’m ok.
We all go through rough times in our lives. No relationship is perfect. We have hard times.
We’ve always managed to get through them because bottom line is we love each other and we love our family.
I will fight with whatever I have to keep my family together.
Would I stay around if there wasn’t love? No.
But there is love. There is deep love. The kind of love that kept my husband here next to me when I wanted to die. The kind of love that kept my husband around even after he had to hold me down so I would stop ripping my hair out and cutting myself. The kind of love that allows us to have bad times, to search our souls and yet always come back to each other.
That kind of love is worth fighting for.
He loves me. I love him. We just need to work it out.
13 years. That’s nothing to just walk away from and give up on.
And we won’t.
We always get through.
We love each other and we love our children too much to not try.
It will all be ok.
I know it, he knows it.
It might not be happy for a while, but it will be ok.
We can’t be happy all of the time. That’s not reality. We’re not in a bad situation. We don’t hate each other. We’re just having a rough time right now. My husband has things that are bothering him right now and I will allow him to have time to think things through. I am not going to panic. I am not going to pressure him. I am going to stand by him and love him the way he did when I was in a severe depression. I owe him that much.

19 thoughts on “Campanions in laughter, friends in tears.

  1. Tracy

    You are awesome. I can’t even imagine being in a RELATIONSHIP for 12 years, let alone being married for that long. Wish I had some words of wisdom, but from somebody whose longest relationship was 3 years, they probably wouldn’t mean much! 🙂

  2. Michelle

    You are an amazing woman, Yvonne. I wish you and Tony nothing but the best of luck. Every marriage goes through these patches at one point or another- what keeps them going is the willingness of the couple to stick it through and work it out.

  3. Joe

    Glad things mellowed out and got better. Josie’s first line of defense in every argument is always divorce, even though she doesn’t mean it. I’ve learned to walk away from 98% of all verbal confrontation. The other 2% is usually real issues that you have to deal with. Best part is always making up anyhow.

  4. Lauren

    Hope things continue to get better. You really need alot of strength to get through the hard times in a relationship. You seem to have alot of strength.

  5. Trisha Ratna

    The hubby and I celebrates our 12th year wedding anniversary next month. I just realised that I forgot the exact date, must go and check our marriage cert *lol*
    You go girl….*hugs*

  6. Hunter

    You are such a good wife. I think you are giving him just what he needs. Thanks for updating us. I was worried about you. You will both be alright.

  7. LisaD

    Damn, I was hoping he’d dump your fat, skanky, family draining ass. It’s his only hope. I’m surprised he’s put up with you this long. He must really love those kids.
    After reading your web page, it’s easy to see you’ve been nothing but a pain in his ass and a burden to your family for quite some time.

  8. yvonne

    Aww, Lisa. I’m sorry to disappoint. I know I’m a burden to my family.. ’tis why I had a loaded gun to my head and it’s not so much that he loves his kids, but that I give REALLY good head and have a tight pussy. He doesn’t want to give that up. However, if he does decide to leave, why don’t you leave me your number and I’ll have him give you a call and you can show him what a good wife is like. He’d appreciate that.

  9. LisaD

    A fat chick with a tight pussy? That’s a laugh. I’ll believe you on the head, though. Practice makes perfect.
    What an attention whore. “I had a loaded gun to my head”. That’s a cry for attention. If you’d wanted to kill yourself, you’d have done it. Not blogged about it.
    That was a good trick, though. Now he’ll be too guilty to leave you.

  10. yvonne

    Ok Uhhhh “LISA”
    You know I’ve been through so much this past year, you’re insults don’t even phase me.
    I had a loaded gun to my head. A picture of my children on the dresser stopped me.
    I have beat myself, cut myself, ripped out my own hair. and I didn’t do any of it for attention. I did it because I was sick, I hated myself and I wanted to die. But I didn’t, because of the love for my children and the man who chose to stay by my side. I am sure you’re sitting there “LISA” *laugh* thinking you’re really fucking smart for making these comments, thinking you’re hurting me. but sweetie, like I said, I’ve been through so much, your insults mean nothing. If you’d like to continue to waste your time commenting, feel free. Knock yourself out…

  11. Elwood

    You figured it out, didn’t you? You figured out the Great Secret all by yourself.
    It’s easy to be against people or things and in fact, many people harbor nothing but negativity. These sad souls are generally known as political liberals and are filled primarily with hate. They seek the Great Secret through their self-esteem but never seem to find it.
    But the coin has an opposite side from the petulant child who claims to hate an untasted vegetable. What do you stand for? That’s the question, isn’t it? Anyone can be against things and live with self-doubt, but when you make a stand for your beliefs it’s very easy to live with yourself. Self-esteem is automatic along with a little bit ‘o pride in knowing you did what you could.
    For the love of your family, for the love of your husband, you have decided what you stand for. I’m proud of you and your maturity.
    You deserve to be commended.

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