Me, myself and y

y has a friend who always refers to herself in the third person.
y does not understand this, and y would like to know why people refer to themselves in that manner.
y thinks it makes more sense to refer to oneself as “Me, Myself, or I.”
y is just sayin…

10 thoughts on “Me, myself and y

  1. Rach

    I used to do that when I was learned to talk. They say it’s a sign of intelligence. But…don’t look at me to proove that theory!

  2. keith

    I’m just glad to hear that you’re still okay. I haven’t surfed to your blog since Saturday morning, and just saw your pictures – YOWCH!! This morning driving into work, the news reported that 600 homes were destroyed, and the winds were blowing from every direction. I repeat: I’m just glad to hear that you and your family are still okay.

  3. Em

    Em has never understood those freaks that speak in third person. Em does it occassionally, but only when she’s sick and doesn’t want to seem overly whiny.

  4. mabel

    er, it could be schizophrenia…i accidently did that once talking to a co-worker. i was under alot of stress over a deadline, truly losing my mabels, er, marbles. she looked at me like i was from another planet. it scared me so much i have never been able to do it again.

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