This is going to hurt.

I’m going to do a little experiment.
I’m going to shut down my computer and see how long I can go without turning it on.
No checking my email.
No reading blogs.
No checking stats. (yeah, I check em, we ALL do,I’m just one of the few who admits it!)
No posting on my blog.
No IM’s.
No coloring!!
I’m doing this to try to prove my husband wrong. He says I’m an addict, I say I can shut this computer down and never turn it on again. He says I’m full of shit, I say he’s totally and completely right, but I will not admit it outloud and will do anything to prove him wrong “you’ll see.”
Ok, I’m shutting down on October 15th at 1:10 pm. So long for now.
(I don’t think I’ll even last an hour, how long do you think I’ll last?)

22 thoughts on “This is going to hurt.

  1. Jessica

    More props to you! I don’t think I would be able to do that. My fiancee thinks I’m addicted as well and threatens to take my hard drive away from me. lol.

  2. tj

    i tried that once … once. i still wake up in cold sweats sometimes. that was a dark and scary 3 hours, let me tell you.

  3. melly

    Maybe you’ll call your friends now. As opposed to conversing with your (((((hug))))) people.
    Wait. You’re not reading this.
    Bugger all and sundry!

  4. Kimmie

    Wow, next day I check back and you’re still gone!! Go Yvonne! So it’s true – we can turn the computer off and the internet still exists.

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