I’m pregnant, so I’m allowed to talk about puke!

I will never understand people who practice “voluntary vomiting”.

Puking is one of my biggest fears in life. I will do anything and everything to stop myself from puking.
This pisses Tony off. “Just puke and you’ll feel better.”
It hurts. You can’t breathe, your head feels like it’s going to blow up, your entire body tenses up and you pull stomach muscles.
No. I refuse to let myself “just do it”.
But when you’re pregnant, you can’t control it. I hate this. My old tricks of running around the house breathing, or laying down and praying or repeating outloud “I will not puke, I will not puke” just aren’t working. Nothing works. I can’t fight it.
So people who purposely stick their fingers down their throats to puke, How? Why? You boggle my mind and I will never understand you.

10 thoughts on “I’m pregnant, so I’m allowed to talk about puke!

  1. girl

    haha. I’m one of those. I’d much rather just puke and get it over with than feel nauseous. I HATE being nauseous. I think it’s one of the worst feelings in the entire world. I normally don’t do the fingers down the throat thing though. I just prod my belly and make gagging noises, which grosses me out and makes me puke. lol. what a nasty subject. I think I’ll go eat dinner now!

  2. Michelle

    Not that you asked but try lemon drops or peppermint candy- both always helped to settle my stomach when pregnant. In fact, as stupid as it sounds, the scent of lemons alone helped me tremendously. I read in one of those preggo magazines that some women will carry around a handkerchief spritzed with lemon juice to sniff whenever the queasies came on. Worked for me.
    Hopefully the second trimester will bring you some relief.

  3. gc

    on the puking subject, i’m personally with girl on this one. i would rather get it over with than feel nauseous.
    as far as relief, try saltine crackers. i’ve heard if you eat them before you even get up that it works. i’ve also known some preggos to swear by the accupressure bracelet.

  4. Trishie

    Well.. i’m a recovering bulemic..
    when all you hear from family and people you grow up with that you are “fat” or that “you could stand to skip a meal” or you get your fat rolls tugged on, and then every diet you’ve ever tried doesn’t work, you figure out something to punish yourself for looking the way you do and honestly, being bulemic isn’t *like* involuntarily throwing up… it doesn’t feel the same, it doesn’t taste the same.. I don’t know
    I feel like I’m defending it..and I’m not.. but a lot of people don’t understand..but it is a disease, and it’s not something I always wanted for myself.
    Also – for your puking.. try caffeine free (since you aren’t supposed to have caffeine during preggies) coke.. something in coca-cola is supposed to subdue nausea. good luck.

  5. girl

    the no caffeine during pregnancy thing is a myth as far as most doctors are concerned. there is no hard evidence that proves caffeine has an adverse affect on the baby.

  6. The Sarcastic Journalist

    If I know I’m going to puke (which is about always) I just go and get it over with. Usually, all I have to do is stand NEAR the toilet and that’s enough for me.
    But, if you need to go and just can’t “make yourself,” drink a glass of water really fast while standing near the potty.
    That’s my wonderful little secret.

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