28 thoughts on “Nothing else really matters.

  1. dani

    that honestly must be the most surreal thing to feel something inside of you move (that isn’t gas…) makes me think of alien! i am so happy for you!

  2. keith

    Absolutely YAY!!!!!!!
    Just remember this a few months down the road, when he’s kicking your bladder precisely at the moment you remember that you forgot to go pee.

  3. Trishie

    How fabulous!!
    and yes..that’s what life is all about. You know the truth.. you know america is about freedom of speech.. you said what you thought.
    Fuck the hatas. 😉

  4. Dixie

    How awesome is THAT!!! I am so excited for ya Yvonne! Keep taking pics so we can see how things are progressing 🙂
    p.s. Is there anything in particular from your registry that you NEED!!!

  5. Melissa

    I’m not in any rush to have children (I’m only 21) but that is one of the feelings that I am most looking forward too. 🙂
    I wish you all the best, hon. I *heart* Yvonne

  6. Laura

    July 25th is a great day to have a baby – I’m hoping you’ll have her on my daughter’s 9th birthday. A couple days early would do you good, I’m sure!
    Whoa. I just said “her” for some reason. Are you have girlie baby vibes at all?

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