This is only day one.

I was singing along with the radio as I was making my bed, like I do every morning. Ethan walks in, looks at me and says “Uh, mom, if you were on American Idol right now, you’d get voted off.”
Ah, I love it when they’re on vacation.

5 thoughts on “This is only day one.

  1. melly

    I love that about you. You have a beautiful voice, but sometimes when you sing, you add this baby-like quality to it. You Britney Spears yourself.
    I remember I said something in passing, and you were all,”I’ll sing whenever I want to! lalalaala!”.

  2. yvonne

    It went like this, Melly…
    you: Would you cry if I told you to shutup and stop
    Me: No, but I’d tell you I can sing if I WANT TO, it’s
    my car!!!!!!

  3. gojou

    You know what I think of your singing voice, Y — you come on over here and sing any time you want, sweetie.

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