Does wiping the pits with a washcloth count?

I swore to myself that once I stopped working and became a Stay at Home Mom, I would always make sure to look presentable when my husband came home from work. I swore as tempting as it is to stay in my pj’s all day and not brush my teeth unless I had to go somewhere, that I wouldn’t do it. That I would always try to look nice and smell fresh and clean when he walked in the door.
Well, that lasted a whole 2 weeks.
There’s just something about the “freedom” of NOT HAVING to get dressed if I don’t want to that keeps me from getting dressed and grooming myself in the mornings. I have to stop it though, before he leaves me for some “freshly showered, made up, well dressed WHORE!”
Who am I kidding? He’ll never leave, it’s every man’s dream to come home to this…


16 thoughts on “Does wiping the pits with a washcloth count?

  1. tammy

    I’m a stay at home mom but I’m just the opposite. I just cannot function unless I’ve had my shower and am dressed and ahve a good stiff cup of coffee in me.

  2. Dwight

    Soundslike you were channeling the movie Spiderman there–“With ‘freedom’ comes grooming responsibility.” Or something like that.

  3. Dixie

    oh yeah when I stayed at home I was lucky to get the money from my hubby to actually buy make up and decent looking clothes lol So when I walked around looking like something that crawled out the grave I just blammed him lol

  4. tammy

    You know what, Yvonne, you really are pretty. Now that pic is not so great but the pics scattered through your site show a beautiful girl. The first time I saw your pic I thought how gorgeous you were. And your boys are goodlooking kids. You’re a lucky girl.

  5. yvonne

    aw, thank you tammy!
    i look like SHIT right now. I have swollen, pregnant nose, my eyebrows are out of control, I’m swollen, I hardly wear make up anymore… but ya know what? I feel so beautiful… I think it’s that little girl inside of me.
    Now I know I don’t really LOOK pretty right now, but strangely, I FEEL it… weird.
    if I could only get my upper lip back…

  6. djmofo

    girl, you and me both. my best friend is the pony tail holder. and seeing that i have naturally wavy hair, i would currently put buckwheat to shame.
    just give me a fist pick and i’m all set.

  7. Shelly

    Girl please, you’re growing a human being inside of you!! It freaking summer time!! Give yourself a break. If the baby turns 1 & you still can’t manage to make yourself pretty them you can worry. But until then, feeling pretty on the inside is enough!!

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