And if you love your country, you’ll drink a Smirnoff for me

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July.
As you’re lighting your fireworks, drinking beer and eating your chips and dip, enjoying your independence, remember this… I am more patriotic than you will ever be because I wear a shirt with a flag on it!!

13 thoughts on “And if you love your country, you’ll drink a Smirnoff for me

  1. skits

    I’ve got the Smirnoff chilling in the fridge right now, and I shall drink one in your honor tonight. Happy 4th of July to you and your family. 🙂

  2. Lynne

    I love the shirt. Somehow, though, the lady walking around at our local fireworks display tonight with a flag wrapped around her ass as a skirt bothered me. There seemed to be a lack of TASTE with her. Here’s a Sapphire Gin/Tonic toast to you and the wee still-internal one.
    Which reminds me . . . old wives tale that came true for me . . . girls are inpatient. My daughter (first child) arrived two weeks ahead of her calendar date! Hussy!

  3. The Zero Boss

    All I have is Monarch vodka, so does that mean I have to have two drinks?
    And if you think the flag on your *shirt* is impressive, come over to my place some day and I’ll drop trou for ya…

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