22 thoughts on “And it starts with a "B"

  1. ginger

    I probably had 100 pictures of my daughter asleep… trying to catch that split second when she would smile like that. I always said she was “chasing rabbits” – I failed at breastfeeding, haha!
    She is so fabulously gorgeous; love the Strawberry Shortcake sheets!

  2. mieke

    I could just eat her!!! You’ve been killing me lately with all of your passionate writing about having this lovey. You write about your relationship to your daughter with such blissful intensity. It’s making me second guess my decision to stop having babes. My husband may kill you. But then, there’s no way to ensure I have a girl unless I adopt. Which is an option for me. See what I mean Yvonne. You’ve created a monster!
    At least I get to participate in your relationship with her.

  3. Angela

    Mwhaha 🙂 She does have an assload of hair! And SO dark too 🙂 What a cutie pie! Watch out Yvonne, she’s is going to be a heartbreaker.

  4. amber

    GOD Yvonne, she is so DARN cute!!! I just wanna cuddle with her 🙂 WOW, you make some beautiful babys!! Give her a nuzzle for me 🙂 3 days & 2 nights & counting 🙂 Love amber

  5. Kim

    Good Lawd, but that is one adorable baby! You must spend most of your day smooching all over her. I work with some fellows who would love to have that much hair!

  6. Alison

    I’ll echo everyone on the cuteness, but what I really want to say is how AWESOME it is that she has Strawberry Shortcake sheets! When she gets a bit older, you’ve gotta find that doll that smells like strawberries!

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